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When you hear the word “branding”, you might think of logos, fonts and colors… But there’s so much more that makes up a brand. Read about what is branding, why you should consider building your personal brand, and when it might be time to consider a rebrand for your business.

Your Brand Is Not Your Logo (Branding, Building a Personal Brand, and When To Rebrand)

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Are you thinking about starting a podcast? Learn how to start and launch a podcast! I walk you through step by step how I launched the Empowerment Connection podcast (plus how I debuted at number 10 in the marketing category charts)!

How to Start a Podcast (My Step by Step Podcast Launch Strategy)

Recording the empowerment connection podcast

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In this episode I share the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my business and why it led to my leads and potential clients ghosting me! (You might be surprised, but it had nothing to do with my pricing!) See what changes I made in my business to stop getting ghosted by clients and to have more qualified leads!

Are your business leads or clients ghosting you?

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I’m sharing how I use Pinterest for my online marketing to increase my website traffic and generate leads and paying clients for my small business.

My Pinterest Marketing Strategy That Leads To Paying Clients

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Ready to use video testimonials for your business? Learn how to ask for effective video testimonials and how to use them in your online marketing to book more clients.

How To Use Video Testimonials To Book More Clients

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Over 90% of Instagram users follow business accounts, which makes it the perfect platform for you to build your brand and generate leads! Learn how you to create content, what hashtags to use to generate leads, what to look for in your analytics, and what tools you can use to manage your social media.

My Content Marketing Strategy To Generate Leads From Instagram

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Are you ready to boost your website traffic and generate leads from Google? This post is all about SEO and which keywords I used to make Google my biggest lead generator!

2 Types of Keywords to Add To Your Website to Improve Your SEO

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Business owners understand the benefits of personal branding photography, but it’s also important to know when to plan a personal branding photos session. Here are 6 questions you should ask to prepare for a personal branding photoshoot!

Questions To Help You Prepare For A Personal Branding Photoshoot

Nashville business owner at a computer taking notes while meeting with a client.

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Entrepreneurs know the benefits of social media marketing, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to post on Instagram or how to get more engagement on social media. In this post I share 6 Instagram post ideas you can add to your social media content calendar today!

Create Social Media Content – 6 Instagram Post Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Learn how props, personality and your brand story come together to make your personal brand photos stand out online. Plus find 40 prop ideas for your next personal branding photoshoot!

How To Make Your Brand Photos Stand Out Online

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Nashville entrepreneur, personal brand and wedding photographer, and digital marketing consultant. I'm on a mission to empower and encourage women in their current season of life, whether that is business and entrepreneurship, marriage, or motherhood. 

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