You already know that there are people out there who need your services, let’s help them find you.

A digital marketing strategy is the next step in connecting with a bigger audience and growing your business.

Together we’ll create a dynamic plan with everything you need to confidently and successfully market your business.

Time is precious and you’d rather spend yours serving your clients than watching tutorials on YouTube or taking another course. 

Short on Time

You started a business and suddenly became Chief Marketing Officer... Didn’t see that one coming? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ll equip you with the tools you need for your business today, and create a plan to build upon for the future. 

Not sure where to start

You launched your business and suddenly you found yourself in a saturated industry. I’ll empower you to stand out with your unique value proposition and speak to your ideal audience.

the competition


Digital Marketing Solutions for Women Business Owners

Perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to make sure they are heading in the right direction and avoid common marketing mistakes. While you may not be paying someone to tackle your digital marketing for you, it’s still a pricey investment of your time and energy. I’ll answer any questions you have and provide feedback on how to take your current strategy to the next level.

what's included:



1 60-minute video mentorship session

We we can tackle anything from marketing strategy and social media audits to website messaging, attracting your ideal client, branding and more!

$275 per call

You will receive a brief questionnaire to fill out before our call.

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Ready to save hours each month and show up consistently with ease?
For many business owners there is often a disconnect between creating content and effectively using it. So every month I’ll curate your Instagram feed for you, laying out a scroll-worthy grid that you’ll be excited to post. 

what's included:



Monthly Instagram grid with daily posts Monday-Friday planned out and scheduled in your scheduler. (20 posts)

Daily caption prompts so you know exactly what to write and promote.

$350 per month

*Offer is only available to ML Branding clients

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Please be as descriptive as possible about your marketing needs. 

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A comprehensive plan for those serious about digital marketing and lead generation. Delivered in an easy to understand PDF. Save yourself hours of research and years of trial and error by investing in a Marketing Blueprint.

what's included:



Choose from 2 VIP packages - standard or premium

Pre-consulting questionnaire

Planning Meeting (virtual or in-person)

Marketing research and implementation

Custom marketing plan and follow-up training call


VIP Experience for marketing consulting

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Reach out through the form below or email me at
Please be as descriptive as possible about your marketing needs. 

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Get a digital marketer's perspective and walk away with a customized marketing strategy. Deliverables are custom built for each client, but can include SEO keyword research, Instagram content themes development, hashtags research, Pinterest set up and optimization, video content development, strategic partnership ideas and more!

who needs a clear and strategic marketing plan to grow their business

Business Owner

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An Example Marketing Blueprint

Content creation and marketing has never been easier! Inquire below to learn more about the Marketing Blueprint and see if it's right for your business!



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ready to take your business from misfit to legit?