How To Use Video Testimonials To Book More Clients

August 4, 2020

In this episode I teach you how I use video testimonials to book more clients! 92% of potential customers look for reviews, which makes testimonials a powerful tool to convert your leads into paying clients. Learn how to ask for effective video testimonials and how to use them in your online marketing. 


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Why are video testimonials important for business

As business owners, we’re always trying to build the know, like and trust factor with our potential clients. There are a lot of ways to build this credibility, but a video testimonial is going to be one of the most effective ways to establish trust with someone. Social proof is when someone else talks about your brand or business for you. And 80% of people say that they trust reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. This is why I think video testimonials are one of the best forms of social proof. You end up with brand ambassadors that are willing to talk about your client experience and share about the benefits of working with you.


How to ask for video testimonials from clients

So now that you know why you need video testimonials… Let’s talk about how to get them from clients and use them in your marketing. The easiest thing to do is to send your clients prompts or questions and just ask them to record a video and send it back to you for you to use.

When it comes to video testimonials, knowing what to ask is important. Every question should have a purpose. My end goal is to make sure that I’m highlighting the pain points that my clients felt before working with me, and then the solutions that I offer. Here are the 5 questions I ask when collecting video testimonials from past clients:

  1. What made you realize you needed my product or service?
  2. Before this product or service I was __________. After working with you I felt ___________.
  3. What’s your favorite thing about your new _________ or what was your favorite part of us working together?
  4. How have you been using your _________?
  5. What would you say to someone who is thinking about hiring us? (Speak to another potential customer and tell them why they should with us)



  • (4:09) The 1st question and why I ask it
  • (4:24) Question #2 and why I believe it’s an important question to include in your video testimonial request email
  • (5:15) The 3rd question and why it’s great for variety
  • (5:42) Question #4 and when you can expect to ask it
  • (6:09) The 5th question and how it helps me sell without being salesy


How to use your testimonial video in your online marketing

The first place your video testimonials can go will be your website or a landing page. A website is such a great place for a testimonial video, because that is someone that’s already considering working with you. If 80% of people trust reviews just as much as a personal recommendation, having that testimonial video on your website can be a great way to convert your website traffic into leads. You can also go ahead and work it into your sales funnel and put it in a pricing guide or into whatever next steps that you have in your workflow.

Another place you can use your video testimonials will be on social media. I love using my videos as standalone posts, but I also love repurposing them for IGTV, Instastories, Facebook ads, LinkedIn and so much more!

The last thing you can consider doing with your video testimonials is using them as a blog post. You can get the video transcribed by Temi and then create a case study blog post with the content. You can talk about why the client hired you, what you resolved during the job, and then include the client testimonial video along with the transcription.

Just remember that your video testimonial should be a way to address the pain points that your potential client is facing and what solution you bring to the table. You want to make sure that you’re showing someone the benefit of hiring you and working with you. You can use your video testimonials in your online marketing, and you can include it in your sales funnel to end up closing more jobs.


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