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What To Wear For A Personal Branding Photoshoot and Lifestyle Headshots

June 1, 2020

If you’re planning your first brand photoshoot you might be wondering what you should wear for your personal branding photos or business headshots. For a lot of ladies, choosing the outfits for brand photos is the hardest part of preparing for the photoshoot!

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Your Personal Branding Photoshoot walks you through everything you need to know about styling your outfits, accessories and props… But today I want to share 4 tips to keep in mind when choosing what to wear for your professional branding headshots. 


Your Brand Style

What you wear for your personal branding photos will be a direct reflection of your business and brand. Think about what you’re trying to portray in your pictures, and determine what kind of style fits the look! 

Do you work in a more traditional industry or environment? A professional or business casual look is probably best! Are you a creative entrepreneur or online business owner? A lifestyle look or more casual wardrobe might be a better fit.

Once you determine your brand style, you’ll be able to pick outfits and accessories that fit the look. Plan to curate 3-4 outfits that you love and feel amazing.


Don’t Forget To Accessorize

Hats, scarves, necklaces, jackets… These little beauties are an essential part of a successful branding photo session. While you typically don’t have time for lots of wardrobe changes, a quick swap of your accessories can make all the difference. A scarf and hat can give jeans and a blouse, a completely new look. Swapping ear rings and a necklace can completely change the vibe of your outfit. 

Go one step further and think how you can seasonally plan your outfits to get more variety from one photo session (a spring and fall look).   


Choose Your Colors

When choosing your outfits, I believe it’s important to keep your brand colors in mind. I’m not saying you have to wear the colors in your logo. But there is a level of brand recognition that occurs when your outfit has a similar color palette as your brand. If you don’t have brand colors, then neutrals and solids should be your go-to options. 


What should you avoid wearing for business headshots and branding?

There are just a few items I would discourage you from wearing for your business headshots. 

  1. Avoid bold or distracting patterns and opt for a solid color instead. Patterns can sometimes photograph with an odd texture and distort on camera. If you choose to go with a bold pattern, go ahead and layer a solid cardigan or blazer over it. 
  2. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes as they can add extra width in your figure.


Want more tips for how to prepare for your first personal branding photoshoot?

If you want more advice for what to wear for your brand photoshoot, check out The Ultimate Guide To Styling Your Personal Branding Photoshoot! The style guide is chock-full of tips for how you can plan your headshot outfits, accessories and props for a successful branding photo session! I spilled all my secrets to a confidently styled branding shoot (PLUS there’s a checklist with 40 prop ideas for your next session)!

Do you have any questions about how to prepare for or plan your next personal branding photo session? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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