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The Society of Women Business Owners needed custom stock photos and brand photography that they could use on their website, social media posts, email newsletters and sales pages for their masterminds and events. Their goal was to increase social media engagement and create stand-out content that would attract women in business to join their community.


I completed a 12 month contract with the Society of Women Business Owners as their Marketing and Brand Strategist. I planned and photographed their branding photoshoots, wrote social captions and scheduled their social media posts, wrote their email newsletters and managed their Facebook group content.

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“When it comes to online marketing, branding, and lead generation… Mandy is your woman! Her knowledge will blow your mind and her customized process makes your company do big things online in a short amount of time. She did all of the email marketing, social media content, group management, and brand photo shoots for my company. Mandy knows how to truly grab your voice and bring your brand to life, and she treated my business as though it was her own. You can’t ask for anything more in an online marketer!”

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Tanna from Graced Space came to me before she launched her website or started her business. She was in the process of working with a brand designer and had a website template ready to be customized. Tanna's main goals were to have professional pictures for her website and creative content for social media. Tanna also did the Marketing Blueprint Consulting  for clarity on marketing and content creation.

Graced Space

For Graced Space's Marketing Blueprint we delivered a 20+ page PDF with over 80 SEO keywords, SEO page titles and meta descriptions, a concise plan for establishing strategic partnerships and improving domain authority, social media content themes, Instagram hashtags, video content ideas for TikTok and Reels, blog post ideas and more! We also optimized their Pinterest account and set them up with keyword-rich boards for future Pinterest marketing.

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the blueprint



Makeya from Mission Dental TN was looking for a brand photographer to capture team headshots, office photos, lifestyle brand photography and content that could be used for her website and Instagram marketing. She also purchased ad space on a Billboard in Nashville, so we partnered to come up with her billboard design concept and photo needs.

Mission Dental TN

Mission Dental TN ran their billboard from December 2020-April 2021, so a mask and pandemic-focused marketing message was a priority for client acquisition.

"Mandy did a branding photo shoot for our team a few weeks back. I liked the effort that she put into preparing for the shoot and her patience with me as I gathered all of the information she needed. From our first phone call up to the day of the shoot she remained friendly and professional. She was very efficient and focused during the shoot, making sure that she covered all of our requests. I was most pleased with the turn around time. She sent the finished photos 8 days after the shoot. Holy smokes that’s fast! I have done a number of professional photos over the years and that was definitely a first. I highly recommend Mandy for your branding photo shoot!"

from Makeya:



AR Workshop Mt Juliet needed updated brand photos that they could use for organic social media posts and Facebook ads. They also wanted clarity for their online marketing plan, so they hired me for Marketing Blueprint Consulting. We defined their social media content themes, blog post ideas that would improve local website traffic, and managed their Pinterest set up and optimization.

Nashville Creative DIY Craft Workshop

AR Workshop

As one of my Instagram grid creation clients, AR Workshop receives their curated and strategically planned Instagram grid each month with daily caption prompts so they know exactly what to talk about on social media.

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Shira found me after working with another brand photographer that didn't quite get her vision. As a Nashville interior decorator she wanted pictures that could showcase her skill, eye for detail, and headshots to promote her brand. 


Shira's brand photo gallery is full of lifestyle headshots, casual portraits of her at home, and behind the scenes photos of her working on a design board, styling her home, and decorating.

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“I had such an awesome experience working with Mandy! She was very responsive and the value you get for the service is amazing! She's easy to work with, knows what she's doing and provided me with all the images I needed to launch my website! She was super helpful and I will definitely work with her again.”

from Shira:



Humarian was looking for a Nashville product photographer to update all of their product photos and to capture lifestyle photos of people taking their probiotics. We scheduled 2 photoshoots for the year and they now have images for their website and social media.


Humarian's photoshoots had a heavy product focus. Even the pictures with models still have a focus and attention on the probiotics bottles or capsules in their hands. 

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I’ve worked with a handful of photographers for our business and Mandy is hands down the best! She was professional, quick to respond any time I had a question, and most importantly, her work is excellent! I truly felt like she was a part of our team, not just a photographer we hired. The day of our photoshoot, Mandy was quick and efficient. She arrived, set up, and got right to work. She made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera modeling (even though not many of our models had modeling experience). We had a lot to photograph and she covered every single photo I asked for and more!

from Christina:



Jill is a registered Dietitian in Nashville and provides fitness and nutrition coaching and consulting. She mostly works with athletes with active lifestyles and women that deal with body image issues. She scheduled a branding photoshoot to create imagery for her website and Instagram. 


Jill's goal was to have a library of images that portray her expertise and personality so she could use the pictures to connect with her potential and current clients. Her brand pictures are fun and playful, yet professional.

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Tanya from Tennessee Family Doulas has positioned herself as the authority in the Nashville market. She manages a team of doulas, offers educational and informative resources, and hosts baby fairs and events that attract her ideal client. I've photographed her brand shoots and events.


The goal of our first branding photoshoot together was to create images for Tennessee Family Doulas' website. Tanya was working with a web designer and needed professional imagery. The second photoshoot was social media focused.

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Tennessee Family Doulas have also used their images for a printed car wrap and pull up banners for fairs and events.

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Elizabeth McCravy is an online marketer and educator, website designer and personal brand. She isn't new to the idea of a brand photoshoot, and she's done 15+ brand shoots over the past 5 years. I met with her at her home for an in-home branding session. She's been using the pictures for social media, her website and podcast, and her new course for designers.


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“Mandy's photos and business smarts will help you grow your business! She actually helps you plan the images to take and strategizes about your business alongside you. She even came up with photo ideas for me that I never would have thought of! She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I LOVE the photos from our shoot, and I have gotten so many messages from people saying things like "your new pictures are incredible!" as soon as I started sharing them on social media. Also, the engagement (comments, likes, shares) on these new photos is huge. The images Mandy and I took together *actually* stop the scroll. And, because they are so customized to my business, I've become a better content creator because of them! I can already see the return on investment as these images help me stand out in the saturated online space. You will not regret working with Mandy. She doesn't just show up with a camera then edit your pictures. She gives you a fully elevated experience, thinks strategically with you, and cares about your business like you do. JUST DO IT. You won't regret it!”

from Elizabeth:



Dr Carlee Brockman is a Nashville Chiropractor who owns her own chiropractic practice. She needed general commercial and brand photos that she could use for all her marketing efforts. She's used her professional brand photos for social media, her website and print materials like flyers and pull-up banners.


My favorite thing about this chiropractor branding photoshoot is that we were able to capture a variety of images for Carlee to use to attract more clients. We portrayed her working with different ages, males and females and a pregnant client too.

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Jane is a lifetime Nashvillian with over 36 years of real estate experience and consulting under her belt. She came to me for a brand photographer because she was partnering with a marketing company to help her elevate her online presence. Our goal was to capture lifestyle headshots that Jane could use for digital marketing.


My focus for this branding session was to capture images that felt authentic and natural to Jane. She didn't have specific shot list request or photo ideas, so I was able to brainstorm this photoshoot and get creative with the marketing concepts.

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“My photo shoot with Mandy was an awesome experience. She had done her research and I felt like she had known me for years. The props she recommended and the way she used them were incredible! She is real talent and has already increased my name recognition in the real estate industry that sets me apart from all the other Realtors in Nashville. I highly recommend her and felt like her charges were a "great deal". I highly recommend her for your rebranding needs."

from Jane:



Hilary Barnett is the superwoman behind Whole Motherhood, a lifestyle brand that explores the intersection of motherhood, healing and vocation. Hilary planned a personal branding photo session to create content for her Instagram account, but she's also refreshed her website since getting new pictures!


Hilary is a planner and is strategic with her marketing plan. She scheduled this branding session with the goal of having all of her social content planned out for the year (in March). After just a few hours together, she had enough content to plan her social media for the year!

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"Mandy Liz did an INCREDIBLE job with my branding shoot! We were able to capture several different looks and the photos are absolutely gorgeous. I have gotten so many compliments on them. And now I have an entire year's worth of social content, ready to go! Can't recommend her highly enough."

from Hilary:







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