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5 Tips to DIY Product and Flatlay Instagram Photos For Your Business

April 7, 2020

Styling product flatlays are a great way to create custom stock photos and Instagram posts for your business. You can use them as header images for your website, blog posts, email blasts, and so much more! Posting a picture of a flatlay is also a great way to break up your content and not use a picture of yourself for each post on your feed!


I’ve already covered the basics of styling a flatlay in this previous post. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite pro tips for creating on-brand flatlays to post on your business social media accounts. 

1. Choose a simple backdrop to minimize distractions (You can learn more about how I create my own  styling board for less than $10 here!)

2. Our minds read a flatlay the way we read a book- from left to right. Think of an L shape when styling your items, and be sure to add larger or heavier items to the left side and bottom of the flatlay. If you place a larger item on top of the flatlay, it will visually weigh down the image.


3. Another composition tip is to stick with odd numbers when choosing props and styling elements. If you’re going to include little items like pens and pencils, paper clips, straws, binder clips, odd numbers are more visually appealing.


4. All the props… Think about how you can creatively point to your brand or business through props. Your flatlay is perfect for showcasing a collection of items that are on brand. For example, if you’re a baker you can use bowls, measuring spoons, dry ingredients, and an oven mitt, instead of a finished cake. If you’re a travel agent, you could showcase a luggage tag, passport, sunscreen bottle, and seashells, instead of a suitcase.


5. Plan to add text later? Leave some white space by placing a book or item where you want your text as you style your flatlay. Once everything is styled and in place, you can remove the book and have the perfect spot for text!


There you have it! Next time you create flatlays for Instagram or your business, be sure to take plenty of pictures. You can start wide and then move in closer for a tight or cropped shot. Having the variety of detail and wide shots will help you create more content with just 1 set up. 

Want to learn how to take better pictures with your phone? Click here to read my best tips for lighting, framing, and editing your phone pictures! 



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