Long story short...

I went from feeling stuck in a day job to being a thriving business owner who gets a front-row seat to watch as other women change the world. 

I'm Mandy Liz, a brand photographer and marketing consultant here in Nashville, TN. I launched Mandy Liz Photography in 2014 with a dream and a simple online listing for families looking to have their picture taken. The rest, as they say, is history! As Nashville's premier brand photographer, I partner with women business owners who have big dreams and are ready to share their vision with the world. With almost a decade of experience in marketing, I pour every ounce of my expertise and know-how into creating gorgeous photos and effective marketing strategies that elevate my clients’ businesses.

As someone who was raised abroad, owns two passports and eloped to Paris, doing things the "standard" way was never a good fit. So when my photography business provided me the opportunity to blaze my own trail, I took it and never looked back. I love working with women entrepreneurs who are kindred spirits and pioneers, creating something beautiful for themselves and the world.

I believe that your brand photos should be a complete reflection of the commitment, expertise and passion you bring to the table. I go deeper than just a perfectly composed picture—I capture the heart you pour into your business. Whether you're launching a new venture or ready to take your brand to the next level, I've got your back. I'll be cheering you on as you courageously step out to share your story.

Let's tell your story with stunning photos so the world will see you the way that I do: confident, radiant and full of fire.

Whether you are preparing to launch your first business or scaling to seven figures, every MLP client receives the same level of intentionality and excellence. I always prioritize the client’s needs over what happens to be “trendy”— ensuring that every client walks away with stunning photos or dynamic marketing strategies that truly serve their business and goals.

people over portfolio

The heart behind everything I do is to empower and encourage women in whatever season of life they are walking in, whether that is business and entrepreneurship, marriage, or motherhood. The purpose of my gifts is to come alongside women with a vision, equipping them to stand out and take on the world through stunning brand photography and dynamic marketing strategies. 

empower and encourage

At the end of the day, I'm called for something bigger than “business as usual". Those big, beautiful dreams and goals are guideposts that lead me to fulfill His purpose for my life. So when fear and anxiety try to make me feel small, I remember I’m second in control (Prov 16:3), I strive for excellence (Col 3:23), and He fulfills beyond my wildest dreams (Phil 1:6). 

chase big dreams

Core Values

I believe you are enough just the way you are, and while every photo is edited for brightness, clarity, and consistency, I have instituted a no-retouch policy. I believe you don't need to be photoshopped and lose 15lbs to feel confident and share your vision with the world. Sure, just about every photo shoot comes with its own set of nerves and jitters, but I promise to guide and direct you into poses and stances that flatter your body and allow your personality to shine through. I want the world to see you the way I do; confident, radiant, and full of fire. 

You Are Enough


especially our 2 rescue dogs, Nala and Obelix!

My Little Family


and anything Paris themed.
You can easily spot 20 Eiffel Towers around our home.

The Eiffel Tower


Fun fact!
Did you know hippos turn pink in the sun?



I spent the majority of my life in this city and it holds a very special place in my heart!

Buenos Aires


I love introverting with a good book, a comfy couch, and the dogs!

cozy days at home


Some would say I am obsessed with mermaids... it all started with Ariel!



My sweet Nala is my best adventure buddy! We love hiking and exploring together!

Outdoor Adventures


I don't have a green thumb, but my kill-proof plants allow me to be a plant lady! 

live plants


I like to joke that I am a macaron connoisseur, but I am really not picky and love them all!



I love capturing fun moments with my Instax Mini! I use the instant prints as decoration around my office and home!



My Top Ten

Things I'm Crazy About

My Timeline

How I got here


Moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Nashville, TN. 


Got my first DSLR and volunteered at an animal rescue taking portraits of adoptable pets!


Scheduled my first photo session with a client. It was a Father and Son session.


Rescued my sweet Nala. She jumped in my car as a stray during a photoshoot!


Wedding Bells! Married my high school sweetheart in Paris. We had an intimate destination wedding!


Adopted Obelix from the Saint Bernard Rescue of Tennessee.


Had my first picture published in a print magazine and was featured at an art gallery show!


Quit my 9-5 job and went full time with my photography business!

On My Business Bucket List...

have my work published in a magazine

to photograph an elopement

to capture an in-home engagement session

document a wedding abroad

photograph a wedding with a dog in the wedding party

book a session at the beach

be a part of a surprise proposal

fly to another state for a session

photograph a session in a lavender field

On My Photography Bucket List...

published in a magazine

photograph a session in a lavender field

document a wedding abroad

Lead an educational mastermind


fly to another state for a session

book a session at the beach

I'm on a mission to empower and encourage women through photography in their current season of life, whether that is business & entrepreneurship, marriage, or motherhood. Let’s celebrate the moments both big and small. The joy of a bride when she sees her groom. Your new baby breathing softly into your neck as they soundly sleep. The confidence of a woman making her dreams a reality. I partner with you to tell your story. 

your branding images should be a reflection of your passions and moxie. It’s not just another headshot. I want the world to see you the way I do; confident, radiant and full of fire.

I Believe...

your wedding photos should be an encouragement to carry you through the next fifty years. A tangible expression of the devotion and love you have for one another.

I Believe...

your family’s giggles, snuggles, and inside jokes are just as sacred as the milestones. We’ll photograph all of it so you can remember not just the day, but the season of life. 

I Believe...

my heart