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How To Make Your Brand Photos Stand Out Online

June 9, 2020

Stand Out Online and Build A Personal Brand With Photography

The best thing about building a personal brand around your business is that no one can truly copy your brand. Others can imitate or be inspired by it, but your brand is authentic and personal to you! Building a personal brand makes it way easier to stand out online… And one way to do this is through your brand imagery!

Your brand imagery are the pictures you use to represent your brand and business. For instance, they are the images on your website, the pictures you post on social media and the imaging you use for your digital and print marketing. Whether you’re using stock photography, DIY cell phone brand photos, or pictures from a professional personal branding and headshot photoshoot, your brand imagery has the opportunity to help you stand out or blend in.

As a personal brand photographer in Nashville, I’m a big believer in investing in professional lifestyle headshots or brand photos that you can use to promote your business. People want to work with people that they know, like, and trust. Compelling and dynamic brand imaging allows you to stand out online so your potential clients can get to know you, build trust, and book with confidence. 


If you’re planning a personal brand photoshoot, here are a few things you can do to make sure your pictures stand out from your competitors

Your props, personality and brand story should all come together to create unique and memorable marketing content. Props are one of the best ways to play up your personal brand photos and show off your personality! You can incorporate any items you’d like, but I encourage my clients to keep their prop list as on-brand and ”you” as possible! 

Think about how you can creatively point to your brand or business through props. When you use props to highlight your brand story and share what makes you and your brand unique, you set yourself apart. Incorporating props can also help you come up with Instagram captions and marketing content because they help to visually tell your story. 


Best props for branding photos

Popular props for personal branding pictures include professional tools you use for work like a laptop, daily planner, or phone! However, some of the best props will be ones that are fun and unique. The ones that can show off your friendly and playful personality. I encourage my Nashville personal brand photo clients to use props that share a glimpse into what it’s like to work with them, and can help them create engaging captions and content for Instagram. 

To help you as you plan your brand photoshoot, I created a free checklist with 40 prop ideas you can print and reference when brainstorming your shot list! You can expect to find ideas like tools of your trade (think paintbrush for a painter, nib and ink for a calligrapher, house keys for a realtor, measuring spoons and flour for a baker, etc.), office supplies, confetti for a celebratory post and so much more! Be sure to download the checklist here for more tips on how to make your personal branding photoshoot stand out through props! 

If you’re planning a content creation photography session, use these free tools to help you prepare for your personal branding photoshoot!

Curious how I plan my own personal branding content? I shared my step by step process for how I plan a personal branding Instagram content photoshoot here! 

If you’re looking for advice for what to wear for your brand photoshoot, find 4 lifestyle headshots style tips here!

After that, you can find more business and branding tips here!

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