Adventure calls to each of us in our different seasons. A bride planning the big day, a business owner ready to take on the world, or watching your baby give a big belly laugh. As a photographer, it’s my joy to join with you and capture these moments in time.

I'm Mandy



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Julie, a former producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, is ready to relaunch her career as a Nashville real estate expert and knew she needed an in-home lifestyle branding session. I captured a ton of perfect images for her website, blog, and social platforms, with a surprise appearance from her cute cat!

Nashville Realtor’s In-home Lifestyle Branding Photos

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This relaxed and professional personal branding session with Franklin realtor, Tiffany White, incorporated a gorgeous model home, brand-specific props, and a healthy pour of wine.

Tiffany White – Franklin Realtor Personal Branding

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Lifestyle and minimalist branding and head shot session with Nashville realtors from Curb Appeal.

Curb Appeal – Nashville Realtor Branding Photography

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