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4 Signs You’re Not Quite Ready for a Branding Session

May 5, 2020

A branding photo session can do wonders for your business! From changing the entire tone of your website to giving your business Instagram a curated, professional look, branding photos work a lot harder than simple headshots. A branding photo shoot is all about telling your brand’s story and amplifying your brand voice in a visual way. It’s really powerful! 

But sometimes you’re just not quite ready for a branding session, and that’s OK! If you’ve been thinking about scheduling a branding photo shoot, but you’re not sure if it’s the right time, read through each of the signs below. You’ll know if your brand is ready for the next step or if you need to do some research, thinking, and work before scheduling your session!

Sign #1: You’re not really sure about your brand story or your brand messaging

This is the biggest problem I usually see with business owners who are trying to do a branding session before they are truly ready. My branding photo shoots are designed to bring your brand’s story to life through your photos. That’s not really possible if you don’t know the story you want to tell. 


Sign #2: You don’t know what kind of pictures you need

You’re not totally on your own when it comes to planning your pictures! I’ll work through your shot list with you and help you brainstorm specific ideas, but you have to start with an end goal and vision for your shoot. I can’t deliver powerful brand images if I don’t know what content you need.


Sign #3: You don’t have a plan for using your branding photos

To get the biggest return on your investment, your content photos need to be strategically implemented! If you’re just after updated headshots, you don’t need to invest in a full branding shoot. And if you don’t have a social marketing plan for using your photos, they will likely go unused! You also need to know the types of photos you’ll need for specific use: flat lays with white space for banner images, brand colors to coordinate with your website, and so on. 


Sign #4: You don’t know your unique value proposition

It’s important that your branding session give you images to set you apart. What is unique about you and your brand that we can communicate through your photos? You need to understand your specific values before you book your branding session. Then we can incorporate props and specific shots to share those values with your audience. You don’t want a set of branding photos copied straight from Pinterest!


If you’re not quite ready for a personal branding photoshoot, these resources might help you as you create content for Instagram and your website:


If you feel like you are ready for a game-changing branding photo session after reading through these points, you should check out this post about the Content Curator, my popular branding option. 



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