Louisville Branding and Team Photos for Organizational Development Consultants

July 6, 2023

Are you planning a team retreat soon? See how you can take advantage of having your whole team together like Plaid LLC did. I had the pleasure of working with Plaid LLC in Louisville for branding and team photos for their corporate training business. 

Plaid LLC is a training company helping individuals and organizations develop new skills and knowledge. Working with them, it’s clear their passion is helping others reach their goals.  

The first step in any brand photography project is understanding the company’s vision and values so that I can represent that in photos. For Plaid LLC, this meant diving into their mission to help people be better. With this knowledge in mind, I created images conveying the company’s dedication to learning together.

Brand and Commercial Photos for an organizational training firm in Louisville, KY

Planning A Louisville Brand Photoshoot

I love travelling to serve businesses outside of Middle Tennessee. Plaid LLC was ready to invest in brand photos because they were going to have their entire remote team on-location for an in-person retreat in Louisville, KY. They knew they wanted team photos, corporate headshots, and lifestyle brand photos to use on their new website to attract more clients looking for organizational development trainings.

One of the challenges of photographing a training company is that many of the activities involved are inherently static. Unlike an athletic or fitness brand, Plaid LLC’s training programs don’t necessarily lend themselves to action-packed shots. So capturing the energy and enthusiasm of Plaid LLC’s team and trainees was significant.

We needed to showcase the way they interact with customers and execute their trainings, so they could put their best foot forward online for potential clients.


Louisville Branding Photos Results for Plaid LLC 

One of the best ways for us to highlight corporate training and organizational development services through imagery was to show their services in action… we organized and staged an audience so Plaid could get natural photos of their team members leading trainees through exercises. I wanted to humanize the business and show the people behind the name. We did this with fun brand photos showing the individuals involved in the training process in their element.

Meghan posed at the front of the room with a presentation pulled up on screen behind her. Chris, the owner, was posed in the middle of a group of trainees as he walked them through a construction project. I wanted to capture the team member’s enthusiasm and their expertise at leading an audience through a development training.

Some of my favorite photos were of the group activities we had our stand-ins act out. As you can imagine, when adults get to build with colored paper during the workday, laughter and energy fills the room.

This all helped us show the people behind the brand in their passion. And the energy and excitement that brings. By capturing those moments on camera, I can deliver photos that Plaid LLC can put in front of potential clients and demonstrate what makes them stand out.


Louisville Branding Photos Inspiration

Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, a brand photoshoot can help you connect with your audience and build a solid visual identity. By working closely with your team and understanding your company’s vision and values, I can help you create images that convey your unique personality and style and show potential clients the best you offer.

Reach out if you want to learn more about my Louisville brand photography services. I’d happily discuss your project and help you bring your brand to life through beautiful, engaging images.

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