6 Types of Professional Photography Your Nashville Business Needs

May 14, 2023

In today’s digital age, brand photography and stand-out visual content is necessary for the successful marketing strategy of any business. Whether you’re just starting out on the journey of entrepreneurship, or you’ve grown and scaled a company as the CEO… High-quality, professional brand photography for your Nashville business is crucial for building a strong brand and online presence. According to this Forbes article, marketing efforts with good images receive 94% more views than those without. 

While there are times that a quick iPhone photo can do the trick, it’s also important to know when to leave it up to the pro. Here are 6 types of professional photography your Nashville Business needs. From personal brand photography, commercial photography, corporate headshots, product photos, stock photography and business event photos… knowing when to hire a Nashville brand photographer can add value to your business and help yield the results you want when marketing your business.

6 Ways To Work With A Nashville Brand Photographer

Nashville Personal Branding Photography

Professional photography for small business owners. Personal brand photography is usually captured with a lifestyle approach, and has a strong focus on an individual or a couple of people that run the business. 

Personal branding is known for its ability to create a personal connection, therefore it bridges the gap between the face of the business and its consumers. This kind of brand photography is best for showcasing the person behind the business because it’s all about building the know, like and trust factor through brand visuals. 

Unlike a headshot where you only need a couple of images, brand photography elevates an entire online presence. Business owners use brand photos on websites, social media platforms and more. Because of this, branding Image galleries tend to depict a fuller reflection of the business owner, the brand and their paid offers. Clients can usually expect more pictures from a brand photographer than headshots.  


Nashville Commercial Photography

Typically professional photography for larger brands and companies that are marketing beyond a spokesperson or personal brand. Commercial photography can be for household brands, large corporations and businesses that operate with large teams. 

When planning a commercial photoshoot, it tends to be a larger production and often styled to include team members, professional models and subjects beyond the owner or face of the brand. They can often be a full day photoshoot, and have a specific outcome to achieve in advertising and marketing.

A lot businesses use commercial photography for print advertising (billboards, mailers, magazine spreads, car wraps, etc.), digital advertising (Facebook and Instagram ads, advertorials in partnership with other brands), and the brand’s online presence (website, social media, etc.). 


Nashville Headshots

You often hear people say that they don’t want “stuffy” or “corporate” headshots, which tells me that most people envision Headshots as traditional photos of corporate employees and team members. Headshots are typically taken against a solid and seamless backdrop. This offers a professional and clean aesthetic for use online and in print. 

While many headshots have a white or gray background, some clients prefer a more casual setting for headshots and take them in their office, lobby or even outside with greenery. Since headshots aren’t usually used for social media marketing, most photographers provide clients with a limited number of images for them to select from.

Headshots are often used for About Me pages on company websites, business cards, LinkedIn profiles, email signatures and more. 


Nashville Product Photos

Professional pictures of a tangible product with a focus on showcasing the product itself. Product photography tells a story about how a specific product fits into your consumer’s life. 

This kind of photography can be shot with a plain backdrop or have a lifestyle setting and approach, depending on how the images will be used. E-commerce sites and product listings will require product photos with a clean and simple background. Whereas social media posts and digital ads will perform better with lifestyle product photos showcasing the product in real life scenarios. 

While models can be utilized for product photoshoots, the focus remains on the product and how it is used. Good product photography highlights product features, details and quality in order to attract potential buyers and to drive sales. 


Stock Photos for Nashville Business Owners

Professional Stock photography caters to businesses, but it is different from brand photography since it’s not custom-created for 1 business. Since stock photography is often created for the masses, it showcases generic settings, props, outfits and people. 

Many photographers sell stock photos to businesses to use on their website, social media accounts and ads. Stock photography is readily available and looks professional. But it lacks a personal connection piece that custom professional brand photography has. 


Corporate and Business Event Photography in Nashville

When it comes to personal events, like weddings or graduations, it’s easy to remember to book a photographer. For business events, hiring a photographer can become an afterthought…until you need the quality photos for marketing purposes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Between coordinating the venue, guests, food and drinks, it’s easy to overlook booking a photographer. Business event photographers capture everything from beginning to end. For example, guests mingling and networking, event speakers, behind-the-scenes candids, detail shots, and more! Imagine being able to show potential clients photos of impactful events and memories that you and your team created. 

Business event photography is perfect for those hosting a business retreat, networking event, leadership conference or business summit. Because you can do more than tell someone about previous events… you can show them!

Having the right professional and branded photos for your Nashville business is truly a game changer. A Nashville brand photographer will not only capture the essence of your personal brand, plan a successful commercial photoshoot or showcase your products in a compelling way. They will help you create a visual story that resonates with your ideal audience. 

As a Nashville brand photographer, my job is to partner with business owners to help them stand out online and in a saturated market so they can make the right connections that lead to sales. While a picture is worth a thousand words, the right Nashville brand photographer will make sure you’re sharing the right storylines.




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