Nashville Realtor Brand Photography and Headshot Ideas

March 28, 2023

 Having the right realtor brand photography ideas will help you stand out in a saturated market of Nashville home sellers. Gone are the days when Nashville realtors were limited to one headshot for their business card. Now you can use a variety of branding images to take advantage of social media, agency websites, individual blogs, facebook, instagram, or digital ads. This allows potential buyers and sellers to know who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them.

I love helping realtors to create cohesive and consistent images that support the great work they’re doing around Nashville and Middle Tennessee. I offer professional headshots as well as curated, lifestyle branding photos, which will give you a few months of fresh content for social media and email marketing.

Nashville Realtor Brand Photography Ideas

We plan each step together, so it is a stress-free experience for you! A personal brand photoshoot can be casual and relaxed or more professional. You can be home focused, office focused, or both. We will discuss how you want to use your personal brand to grow your Nashville real estate business, what types of social media you use, services you offer, what kind of pictures you want and need, and your overall message. Then, we take all this to plan your Nashville branding photoshoot and, ultimately, provide you with beautiful, personalized business images.

Contact me if you’re a realtor ready to plan your Nashville personal branding photoshoot! Keep reading to find examples of realtor headshots, poses, and real estate social media content ideas and brand photography shot list requests.

6 ideas for how you can plan your Nashville realtor brand photoshoot

I’ve worked with over 20 Nashville realtors for band photography and headshots, and no 2 photoshoots are the same! Personal branding photoshoots allow you to highlight your unique value proposition, your personality and the genuine ways you connect with others. We get to create a visual extension of your brand… and there’s no better way to stand out in a saturated market! 

Brand Photography Ideas for Realtors Serving a Luxury Market

If you’re serving a luxury clientele as a realtor, you’ll want to match your client’s aesthetics and expectations. For my Nashville realtors who sell luxury homes, I always recommend that we plan their brand photoshoot at a luxury model home. As real estate agents, my clients typically have access to specific model homes in the neighborhoods they’ve serviced and sold houses in.

Tiffany went with a staged model home outside of Franklin, TN for realtor band photos. She wore classic dresses and professional attire to help her stand out when attracting luxury home-buying clients. We incorporated just a few props (like a “Home, Sweet Home” sign in her brand colors) and showcased various rooms of the staged house with upscale décor. Tiffany knows her real estate clients value comfort and memorable experiences. Therefore we captured photos of her in the screened-in porch with the outdoor fireplace. This setting made her brand photos feel warm, personal and comfortable.

Erynn Lavagnino is another Franklin realtor who services a luxury real estate market. She chose the luxury Westhaven community for her brand photoshoot, and we used a styled model home as the backdrop for her lifestyle headshots. The gorgeous office and living room were tastefully styled in a way that would appeal to her clientele.

Recap: If you’re serving a luxury clientele as a realtor, you’ll want to match their lifestyle expectations. Plan your brand photoshoot at a luxury model home and lean into the upscale style. Comfort, memorable experiences and elegance are valued by luxury home-buyers.


Ideas for Nashville Real Estate Team Photos

Whether you’re a team of 2, or planning a brand photoshoot for a whole real estate firm, Nashville real estate team photos are a great way to highlight the team’s strengths, expertise and personalities. When we take brand photos for a real estate team, I always make sure we grab individual headshots, a few team photos of everyone together, and a mix of lifestyle brand imagery with the team members together and alone. 

The team at Curated Homes planned a brand photoshoot to update their headshots and capture imagery of how they serve their clients together as a team. We posed them working at a table together, walking through a home and celebrating closing a deal.

Lisa and Sammi from Nashville on the Market also wanted brand photos they could use for Instagram and their blog. They have a very personable approach with their marketing and sales process, so it was important to show their personalities and team dynamics. They work with a lot of moms and serve as a resource to those buying and selling homes in Middle Tennessee.

Nashville Realtors who combine real estate and design, Lora Leigh and Julia Ann, chose a clean, minimalist look by using a luxury downtown model apartment as their backdrop. Their photos show why they make such a great team over at Curb Appeal! While we didn’t use many props for their realtor brand photoshoot, they left with individual headshots and plenty of posed team photos to showcase on their site.

Recap: Whether you’re a team of 2 or a whole real estate firm, these photos are a great way to highlight the team’s strengths, expertise and personalities. Prioritize individual headshots, posed group shots, and a mix of lifestyle brand imagery with the team members together and alone.


Professional Brand Photos for Realtors In An Office Setting

Amanda, a realtor based in Franklin, stuck close to home by using a shared co-working space called The Lodge. As a secondary location we also stopped by Downtown Franklin for outdoor headshots and pictures of her working at a coffee shop. We see Amanda at work with her laptop and phone as well as visiting some of her favorite local spots.

Rachel is another realtor who opted for brand photos in a professional office setting. Since a lot of realtors take in-home brand photos, it stands out when realtors choose to take their photos in an office or co-working space. Rachel’s professional setting worked well for photos of her working at a desk, taking a client call with her calendar out, and working in a commercial market as a realtor.

Recap: Many realtors take in-home brand photos, so this stands out. A professional setting is ideal for realtors serving a commercial market. This works well for imagery of you working at a desk, taking a client call, meeting with a buyer with closing documents and highlighting your professionalism.


Lifestyle In-home branding photos for realtors

After a long career in television production, Julie launched a new career in real estate along with a lifestyle blog. We decided on a relaxed, home-focused session, with a heavy focus on home décor and her personal interests, like interior design and gardening. Her in-home brand photoshoot allowed us to capture her in her element. This allowed her to create a lot of personal and authentic content to share with potential home buyers and sellers.

Annie is another Nashville realtor who decided to plan her brand photography session in her home. She is passionate about interior design and has a keen eye for home décor and little details. Using her home allowed her to showcase her own décor style, while also capturing lifestyle, casual brand photos.

Kristen traveled from Alabama for her realtor brand photos. She rented an Airbnb to have them taken in a home setting in Nashville. We mainly used the kitchen, living room and bedroom as her backdrop. This allowed us to create a lot of variety and content for social media that she could pair with a caption about buying a home, selling a home, staging a home, and home improvement.

Recap: Use a home setting for casual connections. 


Realtor Headshots and Branding Photos in Downtown Nashville and Franklin

One of the best things you can do as a realtor is to capture the city you’re selling. Realtors can showcase their cities in their brand photos by taking pictures with iconic landmarks and hot spots. Downtown Nashville and Downtown Franklin both lend themselves perfectly for realtor headshots and brand photos.

Paige McNeal is a Nashville realtor who updated her headshots with the Nashville skyline in the background. Realtors have such an “on the go” job, that it makes perfect sense to take pictures walking around the city and with the skyline in view. Paige posed on the Nashville Pedestrian Bridge and by the Cumberland River for the best view of Downtown Nashville.

Jennifer Wray is a Franklin realtor who decided to highlight the best of Downtown Franklin in her brand photoshoot. We took photos down Main Street and even used a Welcome to Franklin mural for her brand imagery. Jennifer also stopped by one of her favorite coffee shops in Downtown Franklin and took there. Highlighting local businesses and loved establishments is a great way to showcase your city and the neighborhoods you love.

Recap: No realtor brand photography ideas list is complete without highlighting the heart of the city you serve!


Brand Photography Ideas for the Vacation Rentals and Short Term Investment Market

Kendra is a Chattanooga realtor who is specializing in the vacation rental real estate market. Because of this, we planned her photoshoot in Chattanooga. This allowed her to showcase the natural beauty around her and all that Chattanooga has to offer. We photographed her brand photos in 3 different model homes. 2 of those were still under construction and 1 was fully furnished and ready to rent. This allowed us to have a variety in the homes we were showcasing through photos.

Recap: Fully furnished or bare bones? Beachside, mountain views, or a short walk to tourist attractions? Highlight the features that matter most. Educate about investment properties, rental trends, and how to purchase an Airbnb property.


Do these spark ideas? Help you realize what you do or don’t want? We will work together to get just the right setting, props, clothing, colors, and shots to make sure your photos communicate a strong, clear message to your present and potential clients.

Content Ideas for your Nashville Realtor Brand Photography

For more ideas and inspiration, take a look at this realtor brand photoshoot shot list. Which setting and props best represent you, reflect your personal interests, and will connect you to your target audience? Be sure to save these realtor brand photography ideas for future photoshoot inspiration. 

  • Convey the home-buying process from meeting a client, exploring potential homes, and celebrating a house under contract.
  • Capture the home-selling process, including staging, signing a contract and planting the “sold” sign in the yard.
  • Show the “Behind the Scenes” of your job from paperwork to phone calls on the go to updating an online listing.
  • Share tips on how to make a house a home like hanging a wreath, lighting a candle, or filling a cookie jar.
  • Create seasonal scenes with Christmas decorations, springtime floral arrangements, or a summer picnic.
  • Spotlight your favorite communities and neighborhoods.
  • Lean into the “615” or your city. Create content around local products like a Frothy Monkey Coffee mug on the table, Thistle Farm soap by the sink, or Edley’s BBQ Sauce on the counter.
  • Encourage routine home maintenance with vendor referrals, seasonal to-do list, and renovation ideas.
  • Explore Downtown Nashville and everything this town has to offer.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Nashville Realtors 

Taking professional headshots, developing your brand, and supporting it with perfect branding photography are ways you can personalize and scale your real estate business. And, how about Content Themes, SEO Keyword Research, Social Media Strategy, Pinterest Optimization, Email Marketing, and Hashtag Blocks? We can also help you take the next steps with your digital marketing. Let’s put all these beautiful photos to work!

Contact me if you’re a realtor and ready to plan your new Headshots or Nashville Branding Photoshoot! And follow me on Instagram or join my email list for more great ideas!


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