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What to Wear (and How to Prep) for Your Nashville Engagement Photo Session

March 25, 2020

Yay! You’re newly engaged and ready to look and feel your best for your Nashville engagement photo shoot. If you’re feeling nervous about having professional photos taken, I promise that’s totally normal. But I want you to truly enjoy the experience, so I’m sharing my best tips and tricks for dressing the part and feeling your best!


Confidence is Key

You don’t want to show up in an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable, no matter how cute it is. Think about the things you love about yourself and choose an outfit that highlights those great things. If you’re super self-conscious about your arms, don’t feel pressured to wear a sleeveless top if you’re going to be thinking about your arms the entire time. Make strategic choices to build up your confidence. And don’t keep things too casual. Dressing up a bit and taking some time with your hair and makeup (even if you usually don’t worry about those things too much) will boost your confidence!


Ditch the Matching Outfits

You want to look like you belong together! But please don’t try to actually match each other. You want a cohesive, coordinated look that isn’t too obvious. Try choosing colors that complement each other, like a soft blush for you and chambray for him. And make sure the tone of your outfits is similar! You won’t look coordinated if you’re in a super dressy outfit and he’s rocking a casual look. 


Fabrics Matter

Long, flowy fabrics bring a ton of movement and photograph beautifully, especially against an outdoor or natural setting. Soft, breezy fabrics are generally flattering as well. Anything light and gauzy will add a decidedly romantic vibe to your photos.


Pro Color Tips

I recommend selecting softer, lighter tones and more muted shades. By avoiding ultra-bright, bold colors, it will help bring all the attention to your faces and let the eye focus on the way you feel about each other, instead of being distracted by your outfit.

Colors the camera loves: shades of soft pink and muted blues, mixed with sophisticated light neutrals like heather gray, creams, leather brown and white.

A softer color palette fits beautifully into almost all natural outdoor environments. But if you are drawn to a bolder look, don’t let me stop you! The most important aspect of dressing for your Nashville engagement session is that you feel confident!



There are a few things you should take care to avoid at all costs. Large print, multiple patterns, neon colors, and white tops are not good choices. You’ll also want to make sure that your pockets are completely empty (think going through TSA at the airport). No cell phones, keys, or chapstick. And for the guys especially, we recommend that the pattern on your shirt should be larger than a dime. Tiny checks and patterns can do weird things in photographs, so just avoid that situation all together!



A few intentional accessories can really add to your overall look. Accessories add extra dimension and can be the perfect way to coordinate with your partner. Remember that the camera won’t pick up on small, intricate details. You’ll want to choose bold, statement pieces. But don’t go overboard! Choose up to two accessories that won’t compete for attention, like a belt and big earrings. And don’t forget your nails! We’ll definitely be capturing that sparkly new ring, so make sure your nails are clean and painted. 

If you want to accessorize with a furry friend, make sure a friend or family member can tag along to manage your pup and let you focus on being present for your photos. Oh, and bonus pro tip: bring comfy flats for traveling between photo locations. Your feet will thank you!


Now you’re ready to rock your Nashville engagement session! 



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    Hi Mandy,
    Can you give me pricing for an engagement session.?My daughter is getting engaged later this month and I would like to give her a sitting as a gift. Thanks, Diane

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