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How To Plan A Wedding and Not Lose Your Mind

August 28, 2019

Anyone who has been engaged longer than two hours can confirm, planning a wedding is stressful. With a daunting amount of details and the array of relationships thrown into the mix, it’s no wonder people elope. There is hope! 

With the right tools, it’s possible to plan a wedding without losing your mind. I am so excited to offer you, for free, my Master Wedding Planning document. This magic spreadsheet will save you hours of guesswork and searching for emails. Moreover, I’m sharing my top tips for a stress-free engagement. The two combined are sure to keep your sanity between now and the big day. 


The vendors you hire for your weddings are no longer just another business. These people are now your squad and one of your best resources. While you may have never been on the planning side of a wedding before, your planner, photographer, and VENDOR have planned dozens. 

A reputable planner is a wealth of information to help your day go smoothly. An experienced photographer knows how to manage the symphony of personalities that are present on your big day. Your caterer will have insider information on the best way to utilize your venue. 

While it can be tempting to hire your cousin or the “friend of a friend” who is starting out, I have to advise against it. While they may do a “good job,” chances are you’ll carry a large portion of the load. An experienced professional will know the right questions to ask, eliminate any guesswork, and will bring your vision to life with much less hands-on work required from you. 



Even with a team of TRUSTED vendors on your side, learning to delegate tasks, scheduling, or research is going to be a game-changer. Your mother, fiance’, and bridesmaids are usually excited and ready to help once they know what you need. 

While making the final decision will still fall to you, your maid of honor can save you hours of research and stress by curating the best options to fit your vision. Invitations, decor, and wedding party attire typically require the same level of research as a venue, wedding dress, or photographer. 

It’s A LOT.
Recruit your loved ones, give clear direction, and know what you need. While there may be much on your plate, you don’t have to do it all on your own. 



Whether your amount is six figures or six dollars, every wedding needs a budget. Having a pulse on where to allocate your budget and how it’s adding up will give you so much peace. This is why I included a budget spreadsheet on my Master Wedding Planning document. Not only does it make suggestions on where to allocate each percentage of your budget, but it will also auto calculate it for you.
Mic drop. … You’re welcome. 

Seriously though, every vendor you work with will make you feel as if their craft is the most valuable. While they are all essential, only you can decide what is important to you. 

As a wife and a wedding industry professional, I believe the top two places every bride should allocate their budget are a photographer and a wedding planner. Photos are the only part of your day that you can take with you into the next fifty years. Finding the right photographer who can capture the magic is imperative. Additionally, you will be surprised how much easier the planning and the wedding day will go when you have a phenomenal wedding planner. 



While wedding dress shopping is fun and cake tasting is enjoyable, it is not self-care. Wedding planning is a marathon, followed by a wedding sprint, which makes self-care during the planning process key.  

Try scheduling time to destress through working out, a fresh haircut, or even a massage. These little luxuries, done consistently, will result in a much happier you. Additionally, spend time with the people you love in a “wedding free zone.” Have a date with your fiance’ without wedding updates. When the family asked for a status update over dinner, let them know you’ll fill them in another time. 

I’ve seen brides begin to grind their teeth or drop weight due to wedding planning stress, which makes consistent self-care all the more imperative. 

Now I will encourage you not to pick and choose which pieces of this knowledge to utilize. As a wedding photographer, I believe there is nothing sadder than a bride on her wedding day who is “over it.” While she may be having fun in the moment, she is also ready for it all to be over.  With a little intentionality and support, you can love every moment of your engagement as much as your big day. 


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What if I told you that I have a Master Wedding Planning Guide created specifically for the bride-to-be to manage the wedding to-do list, budget, guest list, and vendor list all in one place! 😮💛 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And what if I said you can download this ✨magic✨ wedding planning spreadsheet for FREE! Today I'm walking you through each part of my wedding planning guide so you can see exactly how to use it as you plan your big day! Y'all- this is not a drill! Head to the link in my bio and click on "Resources" to save yourself some stress as you plan your big day! This is YOUR SEASON and I'm a big believer in weddings that stem from a place of joy and peace instead of overwhelm and stress! ⠀

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