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How To Plan A Picture Perfect Nashville Proposal

January 15, 2020

You’ve found the love of your life and purchased the ring. Now all that’s left is to pop the big question. It should be easy…right? Well, you should know that planning a Nashville proposal might be easier said than done. 

There are a lot of factors to take into account when proposing. As a wedding photographer, RomCom connoisseur, wife, and a woman who has been proposed to, trust me when I say…I got your back. I’ve got all the insider info you need to plan a flawless proposal. 

Make It Personal 

Most importantly, the proposal should feel deeply personal to your bride. This is the perfect opportunity to show her all the big and small things you love about her and your love story. Think through her favorite activities, music, food, and find ways to incorporate them in. Think through special moments, inside jokes, and what lights up her heart. Signs of affection that she adores, such as a handwritten note, or a long walk, can be weaved into the proposal.     

By the time you get down on one knee, she should feel so seen and deeply understood that saying yes will be the easiest “Yes!” she has ever given. 


Favorite Proposal Locations 

Whether you call Nashville home or just visiting, there is no shortage of beautiful places to propose. When considering each location, make sure to take into account what SHE would like. Private? Public? A new experience? Something that feels familiar? 


The Walking Bridge 

This city park is a favorite proposal spot, and it’s easy to understand why. The views are breathtaking, and just steps from the bridge are some beautiful locations for a celebration toast. I was lucky enough to photograph several engagements on The Bridge in 2019.  It may be the same location, but each was so unique. 

Arrington Vineyards 

This stunning winery has everything a gal could ask for when it comes to a romantic proposal. Sweeping green hills that softly melt into rows of grapes, stately trees, and fantastic wine. It’s a short drive outside the city but is considered a favorite place  for tourists and locals alike. 

At a recent engagement, the groom was able to surprise the bride with a proposal and arranged for her family to be waiting nearby, ready to celebrate. A perfect example of making it deeply personal, as the bride is very close with her family, but having space to create a romantic for the two of them. 

Private Room at A Restaurant 

For the more reserved fiancee’, creating a private but very romantic moment can be tricky. Two of my favorite restaurants, Sinema, and Liberty Common, offer secluded dining spaces that could be precisely what you need. Simply add a few personal touches, and either of these locations would be an ideal location for the most important question you will ever ask. 


Help! I Need Somebody!

If the compilation of details become overwhelming, consider working with local professionals. This is especially invaluable if you are planning a destination proposal. 

From a planner to a florist, the right team will ensure every detail is executed without the slightest hiccup. Here is a list of professionals to consider when planning your proposal. 

Proposal Planner 

Florist: One Wild Flower Designs

Driving Service: Go Big Transportation

Photographer: Yours truly, Mandy Liz Photography 

Hair & Make Up: Kathryn Coursy

    • This would be a great surprise for your girl to kick off the special day. 


Please Be Kind

One last word of wisdom as you plan your proposal, no element of surprise is worth hurting her feelings. 

In an effort to make it complete surprise, I’ve seen many men go to great lengths to ensure she doesn’t suspect anything. Sometimes this is taken too far. From being distant leading up to the proposal, picking fights, or even outright lying. Believe me, when I say, it’s not worth it. She would rather know that’s it’s coming than feel rejected or hurt before saying yes. 

I guarantee you will have many more opportunities during the engagement, wedding, and marriage to completely surprise her. Let that be part of the fun you create for the next fifty years. 


Planning your Nashville proposal? I’d love to capture this once in a lifetime moment for you and your bride-to-be. Let’s connect and begin planning the next chapter of your love story

  1. Nancy Sparrow says:

    Hi- I am helping my daughters BF find a photographer. We are from Nashville but they both live in NYC. Looking at the pedestrian bridge the week of thanksgiving. It will be simple – just the 2 of them and then they will go to dinner. She knows nothing. Can you give me an idea on price and availability. Thanks

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