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5 Ways To Elevate Your Online Presence Today

January 2, 2020

When was the last time you stopped to evaluate how you are showing up online? If it’s been a few months, it’s probably time to audit and refresh your online presence! I’m sharing 5 simple ways you can elevate your brand online TODAY (and it will probably take you less than 60 minutes)! 

As you walk through the list below, you’ll want to know your goal for your brand. Your social profiles and website are your virtual handshake, so it’s important that you represent yourself and your business in the best way possible!

My goal with my online platforms is to be cohesive and consistent with my imagery and message, so that I can build brand recognition and the know, like, and trust factor. Here are my tips for 5 easy ways you can up level your online presence!


I personally love Instagram, and it’s my social media platform of choice… So what better place to start?

With Instagram there are 3 main things you should be looking for as you audit your profile.

  1. Is your bio relevant and does it describe who you serve, what you do, and where you’re located? If not, go ahead and give your bio an update!
  2. Do you have a recent headshot that is up close and shows your face well? Pro tip– You should use the same photo on Instagram as your Facebook page. Using the same headshot across all your platforms establishes brand recognition!
  3. Do you show up in your feed within the last 9 posts? Ideally your followers should be able to spot a picture of you with each swipe of their finger! If you haven’t posted a photo of yourself in a while, go ahead and schedule a #FridayIntroduction post for this week! I even give you a free caption template in my post about social media strategy!


Your Business Facebook Page

Just like with Instagram, you’ll want to update your text and imagery, but Facebook has a few extra places that need TLC!

Some features I love about Facebook that you can refresh today are…

  1. Your Brand Imagery! Facebook gives you 3 main places where you can upload a photo or video to represent your business. You’ll want to update your profile photo, add a cover photo that is on brand (I happen to use a brand video here), and add an image to the “About” section on the right hand side!
  2. This is the perfect time to audit your business information and “About” story. Go ahead and make sure your information is accurate under the “About” section, and take a minute to write your business story. 
  3. I always like to pin a relevant post to the top of my business page. This can be a promotional piece or educational content, but it’s a great way to extend the lifespan of your post!



Your Personal Facebook Profile

Some business owners might find it odd to talk about their small business on their personal platform, but I am all for having an on-brand personal profile that can remind my friends and family of the services I offer!

If you happen to engage in Facebook groups for your business, then it’s so important that you tailor your personal profile page to quickly and easily share about what you do. I am not saying you need to go crazy with self promotion, but if you post in Facebook groups, someone is more than likely clicking back to your profile to see who you are! Keep reading to see how I prepped my personal profile to be an extension of my business page!

  1. Update your bio with a short description of what you do and a link to your website! This is also the perfect time to add links to your Instagram, website, and update your job to link to your business page under the “Details” section!
  2. Anytime you post about your business on your feed, change the settings on that post to make it public! I have several public posts so that if someone were to click through to my profile from a business group I’ve engaged in, they can see some of my “highlights” and get to know me better without seeing all my personal posts. 
  3. Take advantage of your profile picture and cover photo to implement your brand!




Okay, I’ll be honest with you… LinkedIn is where I spend the least amount of time. If you’re anything like me, your LinkedIn profile is probably a little dusty and covered in cobwebs right now. 

But if you are a B2B business, then you should definitely prioritize updating this platform! It will take you just a few minutes to clean it up, and I guarantee you’ll want to start spending more time over there once you make it all pretty!

  1. Go ahead and start with the fun elements… Update your profile image and banner! I used the same headshot as Instagram and Facebook, but I did create a custom banner in Canva with a few pictures that represent my work and brand!
  2. If you own your own business, create a page for your business so you can link it to your profile! This will allow you to have a logo and brand attached to your business information, which instantly looks more professional than an empty grey box!
  3. Text text text… go ahead and refresh your “About” section and “Experience” details! LinkedIn allows you to add links, upload videos, and more, so be sure to fill everything out completely to maximize this social platform!
  4. Something I love about LinkedIn is that you can post articles! This is a great place to repurpose an old blog post! Go ahead and publish an article to your profile and share it in a post!



Your Website

Last but not least, your online home probably needs to be updated a little! When was the last time you changed out the pictures of you on your website? Or when was the last time you refreshed your bio? 

It can be easy to let your website run on autopilot and forget about maintaining it! I encourage you to login today and swap out the picture on your Home page or About Me page. Don’t forget to choose an image where you are looking at the camera and smiling. You want to appear friendly and professional, plus making eye contact will help build the know, like, and trust factor!


That’s it! Take a breather… I know it feels like a lot, but making these small adjustments is huge for your brand! The new year is the perfect time to audit your social platforms to see how you can improve and elevate your online presence! Cheers to building a stronger foundation for your business to continue to grow and connecting to your ideal client!




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