My Highlights of 2019

December 23, 2019

I can’t believe we’re wrapping up 2019! This has been such a whirlwind of a year and my first year as a full time business owner! I am so grateful for all the amazing girl bosses, couples, and families I’ve gotten to work with! I’ve been reflecting on everything that’s happened, so today I’m sharing some of my highlights and celebrations from 2019! You’ll also find just a few of my  goals for the new year! 


2019 Favorites

I quit my job!

This actually came as a surprise to a lot of my clients and friends because most of you didn’t know I was working a full time job! Up until this year, photography was my side-hustle, and I worked at a radio station in Franklin! It felt so good to get to a point where I could leave my 9-5 and replace that income with my business. 


I renovated my home office!

With quitting my job came working from home.  My little corner of the house was not cutting it anymore and I gave my home office a major face lift! The end result brings me so much joy and I absolutely love working from my home office. You can see the final reveal here!


Public speaking

Okay, I’m a major introvert and public speaking is not my jam… but I am really proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone and spoke twice at workshops for business owners! I got to teach all about styling on-brand flatlays for social media and how to grow your business through social media!


I joined a Mastermind!

I always get asked what a mastermind is, so let me explain how mine works! 🙂 We’re a small group of women business owners that meet every Tuesday morning at 6:00 AM to “mastermind” our businesses together. Each week a different lady takes a turn and we all brainstorm and troubleshoot whatever topic is brought to the table. I LOVE these weekly meetups and it’s been amazing to have that extra level of support and accountability for my business! 



Friends, I was really excited when these got crossed off my to-do list! I had been toying with the idea of creating a few different promo videos for months, and I finally took the plunge and hired a videographer! You can find those here!

Speaking of promo videos… I also stepped out of my comfort zone and started requesting video testimonials from some of my branding clients. I didn’t think I was a words of affirmation person until this happened and I got all the warm and fuzzies and wanted to cry happy tears with each testimonial video that landed in my inbox! You can see how that one turned out below!



Winner of The Knot Best of Weddings

One of my big goals for 2019 was to be chosen as a recipient for this award! The Knot recognizes wedding pros based on the reviews they receive throughout the year! I am so incredibly thankful for the couples I get to work with and I am honored that they left such kind words and helped me win this!


I went on a business retreat and did  a lot of learning!

I am a big believer in continuously seeking education and learning from others! In 2019 I got to attend the Styled Shoots Across America Conference in Georgia (and I got to meet Julie Paisley), Bloom and Grow Live with Amber Housley in Nashville, and a business retreat for female entrepreneurs with SOWBO in Gatlinburg! I also added a few more goodies to my digital course library!

I always prioritize learning both from photography educators and other business educators. I think it’s important to learn from experts outside of your own industry because it will help you to think outside of the box! 


2019 was my year of outsourcing!

I struggle with trusting others with my business, but this year I finally loosened the reins a little and gave outsourcing a shot. I had a hard time with balance this year (more on that soon), and outsourcing really helped me relieve some of the load I was carrying. 


On a Personal Note


I love celebrating business highlights, but I also have a few personal highlights to share!

I got to go back to Argentina this year (a place I’ll always consider “home” in some sense)! For those who don’t know, I’m  a Missionary Kid and was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to Nashville in 2010, but Buenos Aires will always hold such a special place in my heart. I haven’t been able to go back and visit in a few years, so it was so great to go back for a week with my Mom in July! 


My mom is okay! This may sound confusing with out context, but my mom had a major health scare in November that landed her in the hospital for emergency surgery, a few nights in the ICU, and a slow recovery. When she was out of surgery her surgeon came to us in the waiting room and said if she came in to the ER just a few hours later she could’ve died. I am so so so grateful that she is healthy and alive!

And one last thing- I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried out Tisha’s dance classes! I couldn’t go as often as I wanted to due to scheduling, but I loved each time I went! Each class starts with a declaration of confidence – “I AM A TRUE QUEEN. My past doesn’t define me. My body is strong and beautiful.” … and ends with a catwalk! Half the time I don’t know what I’m doing but I have so much fun and smile through the whole class!


Goals for 2020



I thought I worked a lot when I would work at my 9-5 and then come home and burn the midnight oil to work on my photography business… But I think I put even more hours in this year as a full time business owner! I absolutely LOVE what I do, but that can also cause me to work too much (I cringe at the word “workaholic”, but y’all- that’s me!). 

This year I realized I needed to be more intentional about setting boundaries with myself and scheduling office hours. A goal for 2020 is to truly find balance and spend intentional time working while also being just as intentional with my family, friends, pets, health, and so on!


 IGTV and Video

I was telling my mastermind the other day that I am having to come to terms with being mediocre at something new. I am ready to push myself out of my comfort zone a little and dabble in more video marketing and IGTV. I snagged a video editing software over Black Friday weekend and I am working on my content plan to create 24 videos in 2020! Please bare with me, because the first few might be rough! 



Another area where I want to step out of my comfort zone! I was interviewed on a podcast earlier this year and it made me realize that I would love to be featured on a few more podcasts in 2020! 


Read More

This is literally a goal I set EACH year! I got a library card in 2019 and it helped me add a few more books to my “Read” list, but I am always striving to learn more and rest more, and I think reading helps me do both really well!

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