La casa en Alvear (Reflections from a Third Culture Kid)

July 5, 2019

The last few years I’ve done my fair share of reading about third culture kids’ transition into adulthood. They say that the average TCK experiences more grief by the time they are 20 than mono-cultural individuals do in a lifetime. Terms like “unresolved grief”, “hidden losses” and “identity crisis” are the norm surrounding Third Culture Kid and Missionary Kid research.

Growing up, we moved every few years and have lived on 6 different streets in Argentina- Sarmiento, Coraceros, Espora, Peru, Alvear, and Anchorena…

But the house on Alvear will always have its place in my heart. This was the one that was the hardest to leave. Every move brought a wave of loss, but this one brought more uncertainty than the others… I knew that when I left, I wouldn’t be making a countdown to return back home… to Argentina. I never got rid of my old key to this house- I still have it safely tucked away in a box in my closet.

In hindsight (and after taking the time to find a good therapist), I love the lifestyle I grew up with. I embrace my multi-cultural, dual citizen, albiceleste and red, white and blue loving self. I am deeply rooted in two different cultures, and I will always claim both countries as home.

But this week my heart beats a little louder for Argentina… my vibrant and colorful, eccentric and buzzing, charismatic and warm, fast paced yet tranquilo Buenos Aires… por siempre mi Buenos Aires.

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