Unique Ways to Use Your Brand Photos

March 7, 2024

Picture this: you just got your brand photos back and the possibilities to start using them are endless! But the problem is… the possibilities to start using these are endless… and you’re overwhelmed. As a Nashville brand photographer, I’ve worked with clients that have used their pictures to grow their business in really creative ways and I want to share them with you!

Social media is usually the first place my clients start implementing their brand photos, but there are SO MANY OTHER uses for these beautiful images! One of the best things you can do when planning your brand photoshoot is to think of the unique ways you want to use your professional brand photos. 

Professional brand photos help

  • break up text on websites
  • your email newsletters feel more personal 
  • you create digital ads that actually work for you 
  • help tell the story in your blog posts
  • position you as the authority in your industry 
  • make your opt-in beautiful and professional
  • you sell authentically and creatively… so you actually stand out in your saturated market


When you think of the various ways you want to use your professional marketing visuals, this will help you be more strategic with planning your brand photoshoot. I wanted to take a moment to run through some of the best ways to utilize brand photos. 

Unique Ways to Use Your Brand Photos

Use Your Brand Photos To Make Your Website Feel Inviting and Professional

Let’s start with an easy one… your website! Your website is likely the first place, and the most frequented place, for your clients. Replacing old photos with your most recent photos featuring any new services, products, or life updates is the best way to keep your website fresh and exciting! 

Updating the images on your website is also valuable because it will improve your SEO and help Google realize that your content is relevant and fresh.

Check out some of my clients’ beautiful websites!


Ways To Use Brand Photography for Print and Digital Media Marketing

I want to dive into both print and digital media uses for your photos, because this is where I see so many missed opportunities! The clients who I see using their brand photos in these ways are getting so much use out of their gallery and they stand out from the crowd. There’s a lot covered in this section, so I thought I’d list out several ways to use your photos in print and digital media. 

  • Workbooks for courses and memberships
  • Business Cards
  • Published Books
  • Printed or Digital Articles
  • Blogs
  • Brochures
  • Printed Ads (Magazine/Newspaper)
  • Digital Ads
  • Email Newsletters
  • Email Signatures
  • Online Courses
  • E-Books
  • Podcast Cover
  • YouTube Banners and Covers
  • Lead magnets or Freebie Downloads


And this by no means covers all the ways you can use your photos for print and digital media; the list is truly never-ending! Adding your brand photos to any of the items above will cement your brand identity and help you stand out in a sea of competition. See how some of my clients have used their photos in print and digital media:  


Miscellaneous and More!

You didn’t really think I was done did you? I told you the possibilities for using your brand photos are ENDLESS!!! But I do have to end this blog post at some point, so I’ve titled this section “miscellaneous and more.” All of my clients are creative, but when I saw some of the ways these ladies were using their brand photos, I wanted to give them a gold star. 

Your gallery can be used on things that are tiny, like your cell phone screen (on Instagram) or on things that are giant, like billboards or car wraps! I just LOVE the way Mission Dental used their brand photos on this billboard, because 1. Her teeth look amazing and 2. New patients are more likely to book an appointment when they see who their dentist will actually be! 

Does your business participate in trade shows, conferences, or other events? Your brand photos are an amazing addition to those lovely pop-up banners or step-and-repeats! Not to mention, any other signage you may need, just like my friends at Nashville on the Market. 

I hope this blog brought you some inspiration to use your brand photos in unexpected ways! If you’re looking for more unique ways to use your branding photos, you can find my client showcase here. No matter how you use them, I hope your photos allow you to see yourself the way I do – confident, radiant, and full of fire! 

What’s your favorite way you’ve used your brand photos so far? Feel free to comment below with even more ideas! 

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