Nashville Lifestyle Product Photos For Children’s Brand

May 3, 2023

While traditional product photos are necessary for online listings and Amazon, lifestyle product photos are a great investment when it comes to making a personal connection with your ideal buyers. The real magic happens when you photograph your product in a lifestyle approach- especially when you’re a children’s brand.

What comes to mind when you think about children’s books? I bet it isn’t primarily crisp and colorful pages. It’s probably not that new book smell or even silly rhymes. What likely comes to mind is the memories and the people with whom you shared them.

If you’re a parent or around kids, it’s the hundreds of times you read the same book. It’s the joy as little hands and a big smile walked that book up to you time and time again. Maybe you hear again the voices of the grumpy old bear or determined little girl your own parents used when they read to you. Books evoke memories and imagination, and that’s exactly why this book publisher’s product photoshoot wasn’t just a bunch of pictures of books.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with The Quarto Group, a book publishing company, for a lifestyle product photoshoot for a new line of children’s books. The goal was not to just capture images of the products for online shop listings and advertising. But to capture actual children and families using the products to share on social media, their website and a digital advertorial they were doing with a prominent motherhood brand.

Yes, I also got to hang out with little ones during the shoot… and it was the sweetest!

Commercial and Product Photography for Kids Brands

Planning A Lifestyle Product Photoshoot in Nashville

We wanted to bring life to the kid’s products by having several different children and parents varying in age, cultural background, and life experiences. Our main focus was to capture happy children reading the books and playing. The Quarto Group wanted to promote two product lines with Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, so we focused on capturing their baby board books and progressive children’s books. Their Little People, Big Dreams books were part of the advertisement campaign as well.

The new line of children’s books are playful and colorful, and we wanted the photos to capture that same energy. So we had the photoshoot at various locations around Nashville, from a playroom and bedroom to a picnic blanket at the Ellington Agricultural Center park. All of these settings allowed for gorgeous, lifestyle product photos of joyful kids reading.

With so many online retailers and e-commerce sites, customers have more options than ever to decide where to spend their money. This makes it critical for businesses to have high-quality product images that grab their attention.

One of the keys to successful product photography is attention to detail. Every element of the image, from the lighting to the setting, must be carefully crafted to highlight the product’s best qualities. Lifestyle product photography is ideal for children’s and kid’s brands because it showcases the product in action and demonstrates how the product will impact the consumer.


Children’s Lifestyle Product Photos Results

Lifestyle product photography is not just about showcasing the product; it’s also about creating an emotional connection with the customer. Businesses can inspire customers by creating images that evoke a sense of desire or aspiration. That’s why I always strive to create brand and product images that showcase the product and tell a story.

Books evoke memories and imagination, and that’s exactly why this book publisher’s product photoshoot wasn’t just a bunch of pictures of books. The Quarto Group needed stand-out photos for a social media advertorial with Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine.

Together, we created lifestyle product photos of kids and families reading children’s and baby board books to showcase the real magic of reading… creating memories.


Pregnancy & Newborn magazine promoted The Quarto Group’s children’s products in two different advertorials on social media and their blog. Their post about Books For The Progressive Family highlights the best books for children about equality, social justice and environmental issues. The post they shared about Building Baby’s First Library showcased all sensory-rich baby books like the cloth books and board books.



Quarto Kids and P&N Mag have both used the lifestyle product photos for social media promotions as well.



If you’re a product-based business owner looking to elevate your product photography game, I’d love to work with you. My passion for photography and attention to detail can help you create lifestyle product photos to set your business apart. Together, we can create images that inspire, evoke emotion, and drive sales!


See the Nashville Lifestyle Product Photos for the Quarto Group Children’s Brand


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