Brand Photos for a Social Media Manager in Nashville

February 27, 2023

 I loved capturing brand photos for a social media manager in Nashville, TN. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own social media marketing brand photoshoot, keep scrolling! 

Brands that empower women are kinda my jam… that’s why I was thrilled to work with Megan Sanchez, a.k.a. The Social Strategist. Megan needed brand photos for her social media manager business. She helps her clients achieve success via social media, so she wanted some professional photos to take her own social media and website to the next level.

Nashville Social Media Manager Brand Photoshoot

Nashville Social Media Manager Brand Photography Goals

As a social media expert, Megan knows the values of high-quality professional photos that showcase your personality and help your audience connect with you. After filling out the brand photography questionnaire I sent over, Megan also mentioned that her website was getting a makeover. She knew she wanted photos to showcase her services there. When selling a service to clients, having brand photos that let your personality shine through set you apart from the competition. That’s why pre-photoshoot planning is just as important as the time you spend in front of the camera. 


Social Media Manager Personal Branding Photoshoot Planning Process

Megan is all about showing entrepreneurs how to make money through social media. Her strategies include creating viral videos, finding paid sponsorships, or starting a profitable blog. Because the world of social media is so vast, we wanted to showcase quite a few different aspects of Megan’s life. We started the photoshoot at the East Nashville Bohemian House for all of our work-from-home photos.

Megan started to make money through social media while staying at home with her kids. Part of her mission is to show other moms how to do it too! She wanted to have some photos that resonated with other moms, while still being professional quality. Because of this we used some of her kids’ favorite books and toys as brand photoshoot props. She’s also a HUGE Disney fan, so including a Disneyland coffee mug was a must. 

When she dreamt of earning income through social media, Megan wasn’t expecting it to take 4 years (after all, everyone makes it look so easy!) By trying different strategies, and finding out what works, Megan is now able to help other women skip the trial-and-error process and start making money faster. We wanted lots of brand photos showing the journey from frustration to success, without skipping the in-between bits. 

We’ve all heard that variety is the spice of life… but did you know it’s also the spice of brand photoshoots?! All jokes aside, having a variety of settings, props, outfits, and poses is the key to getting brand photos you’ll actually use. That’s why for the end of Megan’s shoot, we headed to Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood to get some fun out-of-office and work-on-the-go shots. We stopped by the famous Draper James striped mural, Amelia’s flower truck, and White’s Mercantile


Social Media Manager Brand Photoshoot Inspiration and Results

The lifestyle business photos we created together will set Megan on the right path in creating a well rounded personal brand. So far, she’s been able to use these photos on her website and social media to create brand awareness, convert sales, and grow her community to inspire and educate others.

As a social media strategist, Megan doesn’t need a lot of help coming up with content ideas. But to get her started, I still created a sample grid of 9 photos along with social media caption prompts for social media managers. I love helping my Nashville brand photography clients see how to use their new brand photos consistently with quality captions to engage their audience. 


Find Inspiration From Nashville Social Media Manager Brand Photoshoots

Here’s what Megan had to share about her social media manager brand photoshoot:

“Exceeded expectations! I knew I needed a branded photoshoot for my business and not just headshots… but Mandy created an entire professional image for my brand that is timeless! She didn’t just provide on theme photos of myself and my products. She envisioned photos I could use for spaces on my website and documents that I never would have considered! And the best part is, on the day of the shoot she did all of this fluidly. She laid out all flat lays, posed every position, and orchestrated the whole event without me having to think of a thing! This is not just a photoshoot. She took my vision and made my brand come alive! Highly recommend.”

Click below to watch Megan’s video testimonial and to see a behind the scenes look at her brand photoshoot in Nashville, TN.



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