What is Brand Photography and How To Become A Brand Photographer

November 2, 2022

Episode 2 of the Become A Brand Photographer podcast covers what is brand photography and how to become a brand photographer! Tune in to the 10 minute episode, or find the readable version below!


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Why Brand Photography Is Important

Below are a few quick stats about the benefits of brand photography that might be interesting to you. Here’s what experts are saying about Brand Photography and the future of entrepreneurship.


Are you seeing the pattern yet? Entrepreneurship and small business ownership is on the rise. First impressions are crucial in the online business world. Even in the age of TikTok, Reels and video marketing… photography is still a determining selling point. Brand photography allows businesses to stand out and capture their ideal clients attention. 

Brand photography is in high demand.

In order to successfully serve this market and help other business owners see the value in hiring a professional photographer, you have to understand what brand photography is.

What is brand photography?

Brand photography is the imagery used by businesses and entrepreneurs to represent themselves and make a connection. Often times the goal of investing in brand photography is to elevate and grow their online presence. Overall personal brand photoshoots provide cohesive and consistent imagery that convey quality, and are completely customized for each business. Branding photos can be used for organic marketing purposes. This includes website, Instagram, and printed products (like mailers, flyers and postcards, car wraps, pull up banners). But they can also be used for paid advertising (like a Facebook ad and paid billboard).

Good brand photography is strategic, marketing-minded and highlights a business’s story and equips them to share that story visually. 


5 Types of Commercial Brand Photography Niches

At this point I want to address the difference between brand photography and other types of commercial photography. When you think of pictures that a business might need, they typically fall into these 4 main categories.

  1. Personal Brand Photography: Commercial photography with a lifestyle approach and very people-focused. This kind of photography highlights the person running the business. Its superpower is to make a personal connection between the face of the business and the consumer.  This is all about building the know, like and trust factor through photography.
  2. Commercial Photography: Often times when you hear “commercial photography” you may envision photoshoot for big household brands. Commercial photoshoots tend to be styled, and include models and subjects beyond just the face of the brand. They can often be a full day shoot with more production. 
  3. Headshots: Headshots will typically make you think of corporate photos of employees and team members. I often hear clients say that they don’t want “stuffy” and “corporate” headshots, which shows me that’s what they envision. Headshots are typically shot on a solid, seamless backdrop and as a photographer you only provide 1-5 images for the client to choose from. 
  4. Product Photography: Pictures of an actual product and with a heavy focus on the product being sold. These photos can be shot with a backdrop or have a lifestyle setting and approach. 
  5. A Bonus category is Stock Photography: This is a type of brand photography, but they are created for the masses and not necessarily custom-made for a business. A lot of photographers sell stock photos to business owners to use on their website or social accounts, and they showcase generic settings, props, outfits, and people.


What makes brand photography different

Though all of these are a form of commercial photography, brand photography focuses more on creating that personal connection.  Brand photography allows business owners to show up in a candid and natural way. Which allows them to personally connect with their ideal client. In the time of Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok, there came this demand for more authenticity and connection and businesses found that they could be more personable through lifestyle brand photography.  There’s nothing wrong with any of the other types of commercial photography, but I do think that you will find which niche you feel the most comfortable shooting.   


Why become a brand photographer

If you’ve been thinkin about becoming a brand photographer and pivoting into this niche, here are some reasons why you might want to become a brand photographer.

  • Most brand photoshoots are done on weekdays and during business hours. Basically if you’re tired of working during the weekend, then this may be a great niche for you. Brand photography is ideal for photographers who want to work within business hours and have firmer boundaries with clients outside of office hours.
  • Generally brand photographers can charge more and run a profitable photography business because they are selling a commercial usage release with their product. By allowing commercial use (or licensing your images for commercial use) you can charge a premium price because your clients are monetizing their images. This can allow you to take on less photoshoots long term. 
  • Brand photography is great if you love strategy, marketing and get excited about the ways you can serve your clients through ever changing marketing algorithms and best practices. As a brand photographer, your clients will look to you as the expert.  Brand photography is ideal for photographers with a background in Marketing, PR and branding!
  • Your clients have a recurring need for images and will work with you repeatedly. Selling retainer brand photography packages is a great way to book repeat clients and to help business owners create content through out different seasons. 
  • Brand photography may be a good fit for you if you enjoy story telling. Brand photography is all about finding creative ways to visually share a company’s story. 
  • If you’ve experienced the benefit of personal brand marketing, then you understand the value of the service you can provide as a brand photography. Personal brand marketing is an incredible way to stand out and attract ideal clients. 


How To Become A Brand Photographer

Ready to become a brand photographer but not sure how to start? I have a few resources for you! You can download How To Become A Brand Photographer (the complete guide to pivot into brand photography) for free here. The How To Become A Brand Photographer guide covers all of the following:

  • Getting started in brand photography and finding your ideal brand photography client
  • How to book brand photography clients by generating leads and closing sales
  • How to plan a personal brand photoshoot and deliver an amazing client experience
  • What kind of shot list you need for every personal brand photoshoot
  • How to build your own personal brand as a photographer to grow your business


All of that can be found for free in the How To Become A Brand Photographer guide here!

Want more content and resources about pivoting into brand photography?

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  • Visit The Brand Photography Shop and find templates and digital downloads to grow your brand photography business. You can even purchase The Brand Photography Starter Kit, which has all the resources and tools I use to run my own 6-figure brand photography business!  If you need brand photography email templates, a brand photography client workflow or planning questionnaire, you’ll find all the downloads in the shop!
  • Listen to the Become A Brand Photography podcast to learn how to pivot into brand photography. On the podcast I share everything I’ve learned the last 5+ years (and 200 brand photoshoots later) about running an in-demand brand photography business!




  1. Karen says:

    I would like to get information on becoming a brand photographer. I have been a photographer since 1991 and I have done some brand photography for a local company. How do I go about finding clients, etc…

    • Amanda Walz says:

      Hi Karen, I’m so excited for you to dive into brand photography. I’ve got tons of free resources about brand photography on my podcast (Become A Brand Photographer) and I also sell resources for brand photographers in my shop (!

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