Chris and Jenny | Fall Wedding at Travellers Rest in Nashville, TN

October 26, 2022

Chris and Jenny’s fall wedding day at Historic Travellers Rest in Nashville, TN was so special. The intentionality and care woven into the plans of their day were evident. They were present with each other, prioritized time with their guests, and truly were able to celebrate their marriage. Plus the glow stick party at the reception was a fun way to end the night!

My favorite part of their wedding day was the teary-eyed exchange of letters after their first look. Both Chris and Jenny were emotional during that private and quiet moment they shared. I also loved how they wanted to spend as much time as possible with their guests. They planned their Nashville wedding from Boston, and since they don’t get to come back to Nashville often, it was meaningful for them to be able to celebrate and spend time with their Nashville loved ones.

Scroll for some of the highlights from Chris and Jenny’s Travellers Rest wedding in Nashville, TN.


I loved learning about this love story and the journey that led up to their wedding. Chris and Jenny met in Nashville in 2014. Chris had moved into a brand new apartment complex in East Nashville called Fatherland Flats. The apartment complex was so new that it did not have internet, so neighbors spent lots of time hanging out together and everyone got to know each other. Jenny’s freshman roommate also lived at Fatherland Flats and became friends with Chris. All the neighbors spent lots of time together chatting and watching DVDs that summer before internet was installed. It wasn’t long before Chris and Jenny started dating. The rest is history!

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