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September 28, 2022

Become a brand photographer podcast


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Today I launched Become A Brand Photographer,  a pop up podcast to learn how to pivot into brand photography. Whether you are a beginner brand photographer and just starting to offer this service, or if you’re already an established brand photographer. My hope is that you will find takeaways and tips that you can apply to your own brand photography business to continue scaling and growing. 

If you just found me and we haven’t connected yet, I’m Mandy Liz, a personal brand photographer and marketing consultant in Nashville, TN. I had my first brand photoshoot over 5 years ago back in 2017, and I fell in love with this niche! I’ve been specializing in brand photography ever since! 

Now I primarily work with women business owners and small teams, but throughout the years I’ve partnered with corporate offices, brick and mortar retail businesses, product based and e-commerce clients, service providers, creatives, authors and more!


Why  I launched the Become A Brand Photographer Podcast

Planning these brand photoshoots and partnering with my clients to offer strategy and creative direction comes second nature to me now, but I remember the nerves I used to have when I first started in brand photography, and the imposter syndrome I felt when it came to sharing brand photoshoot strategies and ideas with other business owners. I get asked frequently by other photographers looking to pivot into brand photography about how I got started, what I charge, how I plan shoots, and so on… so I’m launching this podcast as a resource that can answer some of those repeat questions and also continue building up this niche in our industry that I love so much.

I believe brand photography is a valuable service and offer to other brands and businesses, and because of that it’s important to grow your photography business in a way that is sustainable, values your time and skills and is profitable. 


How I grew my brand photography business

Before you dive into the episodes of the Become A Brand Photographer podcast, I wanted to share a little about how I grew my brand photography business and what you can expect from this pop up podcast! As I mentioned before, I’ve been a brand photographer for over 5 years, and niching down has truly been the catalyst for my growth and success. Photography was my side-hustle for several years before I quit my job in early 2019 and went full time in my business. Going full-time has allowed me to serve more clients, build a six figure photography business, manage a small team that I trust and can partner with for client facing tasks and back-end admin tasks, and create a schedule that works for me. Which in this season of life means I’m usually working about 20-30 hours a week, and spending my weekends off instead of at weddings or sessions. As more businesses seek out brand photography, this is the perfect time to learn this niche and find ways to uniquely stand out as a brand photographer.


What to expect from the Become a brand photographer podcast

Become A Brand Photographer is a pop-up podcast, which means episodes won’t be released on a set schedule. My goal in creating content is to share actionable tips, helpful takeaways and strategies that have actually grown my business. I won’t share things that I haven’t done or implemented myself. In the episodes you can expect me to talk about how to become a brand photographer, the differences between brand photography and weddings or families, marketing strategies I’ve implemented to consistently generate leads and keep my sales pipeline full year round, and how to deliver an amazing brand photography experience for your clients from inquiry to gallery delivery. 


The brand photography shop is live

Along with the podcast, I’ve also launched my online shop where I’m selling all of the tools and resources I use to run my brand photography business! From the email templates that I send after a lead hits my inbox to the script I use on my sales call to close the deal, and even the pricing guide that I send to position myself as the expert. All of it is in the Brand Photography Shop

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