Business Consultant Brand Photography in Nashville – Work With Process

June 15, 2020

I loved working with Erin from Work With Process last year for her business consultant brand photography when she visited Nashville for a marketing event. Erin is a systems and processes expert, and she needed personal brand photos for her consulting business.


Brand Photo GOALS

Erin planned her Nashville personal brand photo session from a distance! She filled out a questionnaire I sent her way, which helped us establish her session goals and business photo needs. Since Erin is a business consultant, she wanted images that could portray the need for implementing systems. Erin has experience in branding and marketing, so she knew the importance of having high quality pictures for her to use on social media, in her email marketing and website.



We had this brand photoshoot at the East Nashville Bohemian House! I love this space because it offers a lot of variety and different textures! It’s the perfect luxury Airbnb for when you want to create a lot of content at one time.

Erin works with most of her clients virtually and offers 1:1 consulting to plan out and set up their business systems. Because of this, her business consultant brand photography shows her working with sticky notes and mapping out a plan and typing at her laptop. Erin also wanted pictures she could use for social posts and her Facebook group, so we created a lot of lifestyle brand photos like Erin drinking coffee, hanging out on the porch, dancing and celebrating, and more!

Work With Process empowers overwhelmed service-based online entrepreneurs to take back their to-do list and find joy and fulfillment in their business again. Erin’s fun and creative business headshots are the perfect visual representation of what she’s able to achieve for other female business owners!



I’m obsessed with these lifestyle business photos that we created while Erin was in Nashville! Erin has used her brand pictures to update her website, post on Instagram and in her Facebook group, and even for her Pivot to Profit Playbook. Scroll to see the pictures from this business consultant brand photography session at a Nashville Airbnb.

Collage of 3 pictures from a Nashville brand photoshoot. Female business owner posing at a table and at a chair with a notebook, laptop and coffee mug. Collage of 3 pictures from a Nashville brand photoshoot. Female business owner posing at a chair in a mustard yellow shirt and outside in front of a white house. Female business owner in mustard yellow shirt sitting at a navy velvet couch for brand photos in Nashville. Collage of 3 pictures from a Nashville brand photoshoot. Female business owner posing at a wooden table with a laptop and on a white bed with a coffee mug that says "not sorry". Female business owner in Nashville airbnb for brand photos. Woman business owner in a dark teal sweater writing on post-it notes for a brand photoshoot. Woman business owner writing on post-it notes for a business photoshoot. Headshots of a female business owner in a grey sweater. She's sitting on a wooden table for one and is relaxed and leaning on the arm of a navy couch for another.



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