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May 18, 2020

I loved working with Hilary, a Nashville based blogger and podcaster, for her branding photo session! She runs Whole Motherhood and wanted photography content that could relate to mom life and motherhood. We were able to photograph 9 different outfits, a ton of props, and had a strong shot list that allowed us to create a variety of content in just a couple of hours! This branding shoot is the perfect example of a well-planned session!⠀⠀⠀



Hilary’s main focus for her personal branding session was to capture pictures that would relate to her followers to use on her social media feed. She wanted her brand photos to reflect what it’s like to be a mom and to be relatable and personal. She wanted to be able to plan her social media calendar for the rest of the year with the pictures from this branding session!



We had an impressive shot list for this session. Hilary isn’t new to content creation, and she understands the importance of planning ahead! We brainstormed together over the phone and came up with prop ideas and shot list “must haves” that would make it easy for her to be consistent on social media. Some of the content themes we came up with were self care, coffee breaks, and mom-life!

We covered a lot of content during this in-home branding session and made sure to get pictures of Hilary…

☕Drinking coffee, pouring wine, and hanging out in the kitchen
👩‍💻Working at her desk, flipping through her manuscript, and talking on the phone
🧺Washing dishes, doing laundry, and baking
🐶Cuddling her sweet pup, practicing self care, and basking in the glory of all her essential oils
🧘🏼‍♀️Sitting in nature, practicing yoga, and meditating

The best thing about Hilary’s brand pictures is that there is a lot of variety and it doesn’t look like they were all taken in 1 day. With thoughtful layering and planning, Hilary was able to fit 9 different wardrobe looks in less than 2 hours! The best way to do this is to pick a few base pieces for your outfit, and then switch out your look by adding layers or making micro adjustments!



I love how fun and creative Hilary’s branding pictures turned out! Since we took them at her home, they have an extra touch of personality! Before our branding session, Hilary already had 75 quotes scheduled in her social media scheduler for 2020. She planned on filling her entire social media calendar for 2020 with these pictures! Her plan was to schedule out all of her content for the rest of the year once she received her brand gallery!

You can see how Hilary has already been using her branding images on her Whole Motherhood Instagram. You can follow along with this Nashville based blogger and podcast host here!


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