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How to Plan a Kid Friendly Nashville Wedding

April 23, 2020

Should we invite kids to our wedding? This is one question that every bride and groom to-be should ask themselves as they plan their Nashville wedding and create their guest list. 

Most couples already have friends and family members who have children so this can be a tough decision. Children have a tendency to get bored, so it’s important to plan ways to keep kids entertained. If you do decide that you want to include children in your big celebration, here are a few fun ideas!  Keep reading for ideas on how to keep those little bodies busy during your wedding day. 


Include them in the wedding activities

Children really enjoy helping out and being a part of the day’s activities so give them an important job to do such as handing out pamphlets. If they feel like they’re helping out, they won’t get a chance to be bored. Another sweet way to incorporate kids in your wedding, is to let them be a part of the getting ready process! The little girls always love the extra attention and pampering! Another cute idea is to give each child a disposable camera so they can snap some photos on the day. 


Set up a designated space for them outside or at the venue

A warm wedding day is perfect for outdoor fun! Set up a few outdoor games such as Putt-putt, Jenga or activities such as hula-hoops. If the children are a little older, you can also set up a crafts table that they can use to create props for a photo booth or a wedding memento for their parents. 

If you want to keep children entertained and away from the main festivities, set up a cool kids room or cave that contains beanbags, tables, movies and activities that they can enjoy. 


Create an epic kids table

Setting up a few kids tables with various activities is one of the best ways to keep smaller guests busy for hours! This is especially helpful during the speeches. Add games, puzzles, activity and coloring books to the tables! The kids can choose the activity that appeals to them. You could also add a few goodie bags to the table that contain treats, bubbles or a small toy.


Let’s Dance

Don’t forget to let them in on the dance floor fun! You can ask the DJ or band to play a few high-energy songs they will love! 



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