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The Unplugged Wedding Ceremony and Why You Should Have One

December 17, 2019

Wedding trends tend to come and go, but the unplugged ceremony is one trend I hope hangs around! An unplugged ceremony is essentially a tech-free ceremony. The couple requests that all guests put away, silence, or turn off their phones, iPads, cameras and other technology during the ceremony. And there are so many reasons that this a good idea.

Your wedding ceremony is sacred

Regardless of whether you’re tying the knot outdoors, in a barn, or in a church sanctuary—the act of exchanging vows and committing yourself to love your spouse for the rest of your lives is momentous. It should feel more important than regular life. People text in business meetings, at the dinner table, and during movies. It’s a commonly accepted practice that has no business at your wedding ceremony.


You paid for professional photos, not Aunt Sue’s blurry iPhone shots

When guests have access to their phones during your ceremony, they will take pictures. They will also, most likely, share those pictures on social media. You have no control over these images and how they are shared, so there’s a distinct possibility that hundreds of strangers will see a photo of you walking down the aisle before you even make it to your reception! Even worse than the unauthorized photos is when someone inadvertently (or sometimes even intentionally) steps in front of your photographer to get their own shot! When you allow your guests to take photos themselves, you risk someone ruining the professional photos you’ve dreamed about… and paid for!


All eyes on you

Your wedding day is one of the few days in life when you are truly the center of attention. Imagine looking up from your first kiss with your new spouse and seeing guests scrolling through Instagram or texting! With an unplugged ceremony, you guarantee that everyone’s attention is where it should be—on you!


The ‘unplugged ceremony’ signs are really pretty

While not really a reason to have an unplugged ceremony, the signage is a nice bonus of having one. You can have a calligrapher pen a sweet notice or order a beautifully printed sign. However you choose to communicate the message, make sure it’s clear to guests that they are welcome, but their phones are not. It’s also handy to have ushers gently remind guests of the policy if they see phones out before the ceremony begins.


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