Mandi Kane – Nashville Blogger Personal Branding Session

August 7, 2019

A huge part of a successful personal branding photo shoot is finding a location that showcases your business’s vibe and aesthetic while also helping you feel comfortable. When choosing a location for Nashville blogger Mandi Kane’s personal branding and headshot session, I was so excited when she agreed to host the shoot in her Nashville home! She wasn’t originally sold on the idea of taking pictures in her home, but decided to go with it at the last minute. It turned out to be the best decision ever! Not only was she super relaxed (which always leads to better photos), but she was also surrounded by art and books that are personally meaningful, which made her branding photos just that—super personal! 

Mandi is a self-described “writer with a blog,” who focuses on memoirs and essays about the greater themes at play in our lives. Her writing is intensely personal, so shooting her personal branding photos and headshots in the intimacy of her home was the perfect fit. Clients often feel like they need to have a Pinterest-worthy designed home office to even consider using their home as a location for their session. But all you really need is a space that feels comfortable and displays your personality! Another bonus of shooting at Mandi’s home—we were able to include her precious pup, Ramsey, in several shots. 

We were able to get an incredible amount of lifestyle content and some stunning headshots in this 45-minute session. Before booking a personal branding photo session, I have clients work through their brand’s messaging and vibe so I can be sure the photos are communicating clearly to their ideal audience. Mandi just recently moved to Nashville, so she wanted her branding session to show her life in this new location! It was also important to Mandi that her readers see her as authentic and empathetic, which I think comes through beautifully in this gorgeous, in-home personal branding session. 

You can follow along with Mandi here!

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