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Tanner and Arianna – Park Wedding – Thompson’s Station, TN

September 6, 2018


I loved photographing Tanner and Arianna’s wedding in August. They had a very short engagement of only 3 months, and they planned a beautiful and meaningful wedding day!

Tanner and Arianna got married at a public park, Thompson’s Station Park, in front of a floral decorated cross under a canopy of trees. Arianna rode into the ceremony on a horse drawn carriage while musicians played the guitar and violin (y’all, major Cinderella moment)! Arianna tearfully made her way down the aisle with her mom and dad on either side of her.

In celebration of their marriage Arianna and Tanner prayed together, exchanged vows, slipped rings on each other’s fingers, and shared communion in front of their friends and family. Their ceremony was heartfelt and emotional.

Some of my favorite moments from their wedding day include:
Arianna’s getting ready time with her mom and cousin at her apartment. She wore a gorgeous tulle and lace wedding dress with a button up heart shaped back.

The unique boho wreath bouquets that One Wild Flower Designs created for the bridesmaids. Arianna dreamed up this design, but Dana from One Wild Flower Designs brought them to life perfectly.

The butterfly that fluttered around for the entire ceremony. There is a sweet picture of Arianna’s little brother with a butterfly perched on his sleeve. It made him so joyful, and that butterfly stuck around for the whole wedding!

I’ve already mentioned this, but the horse drawn carriage cannot be topped! That entrance and exit from the ceremony was impressive and romantic!


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