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Lifestyle Pet Session – A Girl and Her Dog – Franklin, TN

April 5, 2016


“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong. ”

— W.R. Purche

Meet Megan and Bridget. The bonded pair are roommates and they are seriously the sweetest! This was my first time actually meeting Megan, but I feel like I know her well because we’ve been Facebook and Instagram friends for a while now. Bridget, her 5 year old German Shepherd, has been popping up on Instagram left and right, and I loved being able to capture this dynamic duo.

The location for these photos was perfect! This little slice of paradise is Bridget’s secret playground (thanks for letting me visit)! Can you believe this field is right behind Megan’s apartment complex? I am jealous! Bridget took breaks in between eating grass and running up and down the field to pose for the camera.

I know Megan didn’t do this on purpose, but she was matching Bridget and it was kind of perfect! Megan had on this gorgeous black and gold dress, and the sun was golden in her hair. Light like that makes magic happen!

This session was so much fun because it was really relaxed! We tried out a few different poses and ideas, but if something wasn’t working, we just moved on. Bridget did so well though! I think Bridget’s favorite part was probably running inside the field with Megan. Bridget was a camera hog at times and completely blocked Megan out of the portraits! She was cracking us up!

Bridget is an “only child” right now and she listens to the radio when Megan is at work. How cute is that? At the end of our session as we walked back to Megan’s apartment we passed 2 German Shepherd puppies. The timing was way too perfect!

Here are some more of my favorite moments from Megan and Bridget’s shoot!


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