These planning templates are one of the most important steps in my client experience because they give the client a taste of what to expect when we work together. This is how I "deliver" the photoshoot timeline, shot list and mood board for the client to approve pre-session. The creative brief is also how I ensure that the client comes prepared to the photoshoot with the right outfits, props and intentions for their brand photos so we can make the most of our time together. *Included in the Starter Kit.

Brand Photoshoot Creative Brief Template

A planning template for your brand photoshoot shot list and timeline.

Your download includes...

The templated Google Doc (editable in real time and provides a more collaborative experience with the client) 

Format: PDF and Plain Text Google Doc

Pre-designed Canva template (for a high-touch experience and elevated deliverable).

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The Brand Photography Starter Kit

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Included in the starter kit

Essential Brand Photography Email Templates

Brand Photography Planning Questionnaire for Photographers

Brand Photography Pricing Guide Canva Template

Brand Photoshoot Creative Brief Planning Template

15+ Page Brand Photoshoot Style Guide Canva Template

Complete Brand Photography Client Workflow